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Focus on Texas: Funny Signs

Some signs just spell things out in a perfectly amusing way

As the song goes, “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.” As we see here, Texans and humor are as close as two coats of paint. Before we pull up stakes and mosey on, let’s take a moment to read the writing on the wall.

Mark Kunnemann, Guadalupe Valley EC: Rosie begs for treats or affection at the gate entering the goat pen.

Leoria Moore, Pedernales EC: Pointing drivers to this town in northeast Texas.

Casey Fannin, Rusk County EC: “A funny sign I saw at Caddo Lake while on a boat tour.”

Web Extra: Bill Barber, Pedernales EC: Sign at an abandoned service station in Houston.

Web Extra: Donna Hoenninger, Pedernales EC: Proof of a well-placed sign.

Web Extra: Kim Leatherwood, United Cooperative Services: Sign at Red Chain Feeds in Stephenville.

Web Extra: Barbie and Jim Perkins, Pedernales EC: Outside a Rockport restaurant in July 2014.

Web Extra: Chris Miller, Bluebonnet EC: “A sign we saw in Oklahoma, on Route 66 right before crossing into Texas.”

Web Extra: Janice Vickery, CoServ: While in Port O’Connor, “It was one of those ‘back up, I gotta get a picture of that’ moments.”

Web Extra: Scott Bowman, Pedernales EC: A dog relief area at a College Station RV park features this mini fire hydrant.

Web Extra: Jonnie England, Nueces EC: The state bison herd has its own official scratching post at Caprock Canyons State Park.

Web Extra: Chris Miller, Bluebonnet EC: At a chicken restaurant.

Web Extra: Alice Sinnet, Hamilton County EC: At Yeley Farm in Pearl.

Web Extra: Karen Wolters, Bandera EC: Hoity Toit Beer Joint in New Braunfels.

Web Extra: Allison Rothermel, CoServ: At a Lewisville storage facility.