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For Electric Cooperative Members
October 2023 Photo Contest

Focus on Texas: Helping Out

Youthful curiosity and bonding can turn into lifelong habits

From food donations to fundraising, Texans love to answer the call and lend a helping hand. Here’s to all those who look out for others and embrace a challenge, rolling up their sleeves and pitching in for those in need.

Keri Nakamura, Tri-County EC: “A son takes his 93-year-old mother on an evening walk.”

Hannah Westervelt, San Patricio EC: “My son and husband working on his truck.”

Lindsay Humphreys, South Plains EC: “The beauty of raising kids in West Texas is they get to experience traditional branding and working cattle.”

Holly Anthony, Pedernales EC: “Shawn Anthony teaches his daughter, Rebecca, about Texas nature.”

Jacqueline Gohlke, Central Texas EC: “River helps his dad get the squash in using his little John Deere.”

Dala Burk, Wise EC: “My two oldest granddaughters were 5 and 3 years old at the time, and the younger sister needed some coaxing to jump in the pool.”

Emily Shupak, San Bernard EC: “Kids taking a dip and cows getting a sip.”

Lindsay Humphreys, South Plains EC: “There is always a need for a helping hand no matter what size you are. Brazos got to help his dad and grandfather out by working cattle the traditional way.”

Amy Saylak, Bryan Texas Utilities: “My granddaughter, Laynie, loves to help in the garden.”

Lonnie Lucas, Bryan Texas Utilities: “My great-granddaughter, Kinsley, who is 2 ½, loves to visit her granny and help around the house.”

Donna Egenolf, Pedernales EC: “Grandma always had a coupon for everything. Here her granddaughter, April, was eager to help her go through our newspaper to clip coupons when visiting us in 2009.”

Manuel Soto, Pedernales EC: “Rustic sidewalk construction with kids wanting to help on the project.”

Melissa Moore, HILCO EC: “Never too young to learn how to pitch in.”