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Focus on Texas: Industrial

Finding beauty around the hulking machinery in our midst

Docks, factories, train yards and mills are all reminders of local industry that dot the Texas landscape—or used to. Rediscover remnants of the past and celebrate innovations that move us into the future.

Reagan Ferguson, Central Texas EC: An abandoned Fort Worth incinerator.

Stephanie Ehlert, Greenbelt EC: Pastureland in Jericho on what used to be part of Route 66.

Danny Pickens, Cherokee County EC: “This abandoned factory in Longview seems as though everyone just walked away and left it to decay.”

Shelly Borgfeld Fitzpatrick, Pedernales EC: Cotton gin in Lockhart.

Robert Gay, Pedernales EC: “Nothing says industrial like the rusty and weathered door of an old railroad car.”

Robert Gay, Pedernales EC: “I captured this photo on a road trip to the Florida Gulf Coast in late January 2022. The Yulee sugar mill began operations in 1849.”

Johnathan Kana, Bluebonnet EC: “These weathered gears are part of a piece of industrial machinery from bygone days.”

Kay Bell, Nueces EC: “Mariscal Mine, today within Big Bend National Park, was an industry that changed lives in the middle of nowhere and helped the Allies win World War I.”

Gary Smith, Bluebonnet EC: “Brightly colored blue neon and warm incandescent lights at the Roadhouse in Bastrop create a very festive mood and serve as a reminder of the importance of electric power in our lives.”

Christi Wade, Bluebonnet EC: “A pile of steel pipe at the metal recycling facility shows the sun rising on a new day and a new use for this industrial material.”

Shelly Borgfeld Fitzpatrick, Pedernales EC: “This Egyptian goose has found the perfect nesting spot amid this mill in Lockhart.”

Christella Rodriguez, Nueces EC: “It’s time to call it a night.”