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Focus on Texas: School’s Out

With only a few more days to chill before that first morning bell, see what the youngsters in our readers’ lives have been up to

Not to tell tales out of school, but we reckon these reader photos are sweeter than Texas tea. Can you hear it? Summer is calling Texans, old school and new, to ditch the work and hightail it to the creek for some fun in the sun.

Rudy Sepolio, Navasota Valley EC: Granddaughter Olivia keeps cool during summer break in Prairie.

Patricia Garcia, Medina EC: “Ariella is taking advantage of her preschool spring break and taking her little lamb for afternoon walks.”

Bobby Norris, Pedernales EC: A little girl plays on the low-water crossing at Blue Hole Park in Georgetown.

Viola Murray, Pedernales EC: Evening at Canyon Lake in August

Web Extra: Wyatt Watson, Grayson-Collin EC: “School’s out, time for bubbles.”

Web Extra: Lindsey Valish, Heart of Texas EC: “Our 5-year-old, Wally, is enjoying an adventure in his pajamas. No rushing off to school, he’s climbing in comfort.”

Web Extra: Amanda Prevost, Farmers EC: Senior photo taken in Rockwall

Web Extra: Brenda Rogers, Bartlett EC: “Rylee Rogers, age 6, enjoying an afternoon swing.”

Web Extra: Kandy Blossman, Heart of Texas EC: “Brooke, 2, delights in her first catch this spring with her papa near Crawford.”