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Focus on Texas: Wedding Funnies

Photos to love and to cherish—for better or for worse

Church weddin’s or somethin’ a little less formal, Texans love to get hitched. Who would’a thought they were such emotional occasions? Even the cake is in tiers. We’re just hats over heels for these bridal shots. Now, it’s time for the bouquet toss, so all y’all single ladies c’mon up front!

Eunice Baethge, Central Texas EC: “The middle groomsman, James, was genuinely helping my daughter-in-law, Caroline, with her dress when Ryan, who is always an opportunist, helped James.”

Melissa Steele, Fayette EC: Houston firefighter Justin Steele weds Houston nurse Courtney with Courtney’s son, Gavin, by their side. “Gavin was all smiles until the kiss!”

Tiffany Stalnaker, Bluebonnet EC: As the minister begins, one of the bridesmaids shushes a younger one.

Jennifer Littleton, Pedernales EC: “I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t! How about a nice bit of chocolate cake to go with your bright white wedding dress and perfect manicure?

Web Extra: Dana Brough, Sam Houston EC: “My husband trying to make a quick getaway before the wedding ceremony and my dad pulling him back (not letting this one get away).”

Web Extra: Susan Ainsworth, Farmers EC: “Her stepdad, James, had told her something just as they were about to walk into the church.”

Web Extra: Lisa Meysembourg, Fayette EC: Barrett Meysembourg, an Air Force pilot and brother of the groom, wears his comic book heroes under his official military uniform for the wedding. All three brothers serve in the military and are combat veterans, as is their father, who retired after 20 years in the Army.

Web Extra: Cindy Barthold, CoServ: “Our son, Daniel, reacting to his bride, MacKenzie, reading her wedding vows.”

Web Extra: Sharlott Hasty, CoServ: While on a photo scavenger hunt with her camera club, Hasty saw a wedding party sitting on the curb. She asked if she could take a picture, and they happily agreed. They had just renewed their wedding vows after seven years of marriage. Hasty still doesn’t know why they were sitting on the curb.

Web Extra: Allison Rothermel, CoServ: Walking down the aisle in the rain