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Finish This Sentence

I Always Laugh When My Dad …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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Says rain sounds like a cow peeing on a flat rock.
Sue Bigay, Sam Houston EC | Livingston

Couldn’t pronounce a word so he made up a new one that sounded similar.
Craig Massouh, Pedernales EC | Sattler

Read the comics to me—in different voices to match the characters.
Betty Billingsley | Via Facebook

Jumped up like a kangaroo and rushed into his little hobby room because the bottle caps were popping off some of his homemade beer bottles.
Jane L. Patterson, Bowie-Cass EC | Texarkana

Laughs. He has the best sense of humor.
Sherri Jeffery, Grayson-Collin EC | McKinney

Put his hat on first thing in the morning (jockey shorts and hat).
Penny Haulman | Via Facebook

Said, “Pull my finger.”
Kathy Boyd, MidSouth EC | Montgomery

Would get so tickled over a joke that he laughed out loud. And couldn’t stop laughing.
Donna Smith Aaron | Via Facebook

Used to put me on his lap and tickle me and play me like a banjo and sing an old Hank Williams song.
Larry Glade, Bluebonnet EC | Lockhart

Would say “hot dog” after he sneezed: Ah-choo hot dog. I don’t know why he did that, but it makes me smile to remember it.
Melissa Spencer | Via Facebook

Dresses up like Santa Claus at Christmas.
Barry Stevens, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

Made his famous face when he took his teeth out. The little kids just giggled and giggled. So did we.
Shirley Goode | Via Facebook

Sang silly made-up songs that didn’t make any sense.
Diane Brady, Nueces EC | Ingleside

Would play shadow animals on the wall with me as a kid.
Mary Ann Kotara Schirmer | Via Facebook

Gave me a zerbert, more affectionately known as a raspberry kiss, on the cheek.
Janis Janca, Fayette EC | La Grange

Would imitate us so we would see how silly we looked doing or saying something. He was a funny man.
Juani Luevano | Via Facebook

Whispers. Because he can’t.
Allison Morris, Pedernales EC | Lago Vista

Would spout out a cliché at the perfect moment. He had a million of them. He was the king of clichés.
Sherry Crecraft Krupinski | Via Facebook

Scratched his back against the doorjamb at home. There was such relief on his face when he hit the itchiest spot.
Phyllis Doughty, Navasota Valley EC | Mart

Invokes “selective” hearing.
Steve Lisa Boston | Via Facebook

Would say to me, “I see you don’t believe fat meat’s greasy.” This was his way of saying, “I told you so.”
Carol Washington, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

Just started singing out of the blue.
Barbara Sidney Henderson | Via Facebook

In the living room, spits tobacco juice in the spittoon—and misses.
Drexel Riley, Nueces EC | Rockport

Would get mad and throw tools and shout, “Gosh dog! Gosh dang!”—then go pick up his tools and continue working on the car or house.
Barbara Smith | Via Facebook

Talks about his grandmother babysitting them as children and entertaining them by taking out her false teeth and pulling her bottom lip over her nose.
Annette Cooper, Fayette EC | La Grange

Said “alumnium” and “chrissianthum.”
Trish Goode | Via Facebook

Tried to understand the cause of one of my many adolescent misadventures: “Well, Son, I can’t fix stupid.”
W. Grant Braly, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cuero

Tease my mom if she was mad. It was so cute.
Phyllis Matula-Hammons | Via Facebook

Tells corny jokes.
Tina M. Perez, Bluebonnet EC | Maxwell

Sneezed and his top denture flew out.
Dee McDougal | Via Facebook

Would laugh at a funny joke trying to tell it and was laughing so hard he was crying.
Peggy Sue Dillard | Via Facebook

Throws his cane at the squirrel that is trying to eat the fruits of his garden.
Juana Olvera, Magic Valley EC | Houston

Licked his finger to turn the pages of an iPad.
Pam Plunkett, Grayson-Collin EC | Denison

Let me dance on his feet when we danced together.
Debbie DeForest-Ramirez, Victoria EC | Victoria

Says that the early bird gets the worm. He imparted that great wisdom to my 7-year-old son, who responded, “Grandpa, why would anyone want a worm?”
Antone Kucera, Magic Valley EC | Weslaco

Said “me too” after I told him I loved him.
Mary Ripperton, Tri-County EC | Aledo

Wore my mother’s wig and let my daughter put hair rollers on it.
Brenda Smith, Bluebonnet EC | Bastrop

Would try to tell a funny joke and couldn’t stop laughing to get to the punchline.
Jan Filbin Smith | Via Facebook

Would say “good night nurse” or “dadgum it”—his form of cussing.
Darla Watters, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

Says, “I can’t see and I can’t hear, but praise the Lord, I can still drive.”
Oen Dollins, Hamilton County EC | Gatesville