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The Woman I Admire Most in History Is …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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Harriet Tubman.
Donna Faldyn | Via Facebook

Rosa Parks.
Sandra Longoria | Via Facebook

Sacagawea, who helped make the Lewis and Clark expedition a great success.
Alfred Wilson, CoServ | Northlake

Barbara Jordan, the first African American woman elected to the Texas Senate.
Deborah Miller, Cherokee County EC | Cushing

Mother Teresa.
John Tinoco, Victoria EC | Victoria

Corrie ten Boom.
Laurie Miller, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

Petra Leal Torres Sauceda, my mom. She did not write a famous novel or hold a powerful political position. She simply co-authored the life stories of 11 children.
Inocencia S. Martinez, Magic Valley EC | Mercedes

Mamie Eisenhower.
Jeanette Smith Schwartzer | Via Facebook

My mom. She wasn’t famous but worked hard to raise four children in the late ’40s and ’50s. We were a poor family, but we never knew it.
Ralph Jones, United Cooperative Services | Morgan

Barbara Bush.
Charlyne Smith | Via Facebook

Mother Teresa.
Sandra Bowen, Big Country EC | Hawley

Anne Frank.
Shirley Goode | Via Facebook

Lady Bird Johnson. The backdrop to our majestic Texas sunrises and sunsets are our Texas highways. She had a vision of beautification.
Sherry Lane, MidSouth EC | Huntsville

Helen Keller.
Larry McClaugherty | Via Facebook

Artemisia Gentileschi, the first woman to be admitted into Florence, Italy, academia for her paintings.
E.D. Bluntzer, Nueces EC | Robstown

Henrietta Lacks. Thanks to her we have the HeLa cell line.
Barbara Smith | Via Facebook

Marie Curie, a Polish-French physicist.
Barry Stevens, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

Michelle Obama.
Karen Ressling | Via Facebook

Florence Nightingale, who was instrumental in establishing a permanent military nursing service and implementing improvements to Army medical services.
Dana Terpstra, CECA | Comanche

Susanna Dickenson, wife of a Texian soldier, then made a widow during the battle at the Alamo, which she and her young daughter survived.
Stacy Robinson | Via Facebook

All of them. They’ve had more to prove and deal with through history than any man and stood strong while doing it.
David Peña, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

All mothers.
Faye Craven Azbell | Via Facebook

Eleanor Roosevelt, our “first woman president.”
J. Burmahl, Guadalupe Valley EC | New Braunfels

My mama. A woman of great faith and strength, and so much fun. I miss you, Mami.
Sylvia Diaz | Via Facebook

Abigail Adams.
Lonna Fleming, Bluebonnet EC | Dale

Queen Elizabeth II.
Janna York Wood | Via Facebook

Ann Richards—strong governor of Texas and outspoken feminist.
Olivia Barden, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

My wife.
James Hood | Via Facebook

Joan of Arc because she led the French army over the English during the Hundred Years’ War by acting on a vision given to her by God.
Lynna Koehn, Pedernales EC | Blanco

Golda Meir. She was one of the signatories of the Israeli Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948.
Kay Hawkins | Via Facebook

Florence Nightingale, who not only founded the science and art of modern nursing but also nursing research. She also developed the visual presentation of information, including a form of the pie chart.
Carol Hannibal, Tri-County EC | Springtown

My mom.
Russell Moore, Pedernales EC | Kyle

My great-great-grandmother Emille (Emmie) Ohlendorf, who, along with other brave Germans, sailed to the freedom of America and Texas in the early 1800s.
Ross Schumann, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs

Abigail Adams.
Marilyn Hartl, Central Texas EC | Kingsland

Martha Washington. Her strength to often endure the dangers of the Revolutionary War and long separations from her love, George. His accomplishments are certainly legendary and at great peril, but he was still a man who was supported by a woman who provided him with counsel, comfort and a loving home.
Dana Clawson, Taylor EC | Abilene

Sacagawea, a hero vital to the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Cynthia Lobe, Deep East Texas EC | Center

My grandmother (Granny), because of her quiet strength, resolve and wisdom.
Jonna Clark, Pedernales EC | Boerne

My grandmother, Emma Lorene Pindel.
Rick Norman, CoServ | Argyle

Mary Edwards Walker, the only woman to be awarded the Medal of Honor. She graduated in 1855 with a medical degree from Syracuse Medical College and served as a surgeon in the Union Army during the Civil War.
Doug Lennier, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

Marie Curie. Her discovery of radium and radioactivity in 1898 led to the development of the X-ray as a diagnostic tool in health care.
Evelyn Osborn, Heart of Texas EC | Cameron

Barbara Jordan, for her courage and trailblazing.
Jeana Lungwitz, Pedernales EC | Austin

My great-grandmother, who did the best with what she was dealt during the Great Depression—raising 13 children on her own, all the while never complaining. She was the true matriarch of our family.
Dala Burk, Wise EC | Decatur

My mother, Ora Lee. She was the Jill of all trades and the master of many.
Erma Lee, Grayson-Collin EC | McKinney