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Finish This Sentence

I Thought I Was Smart Until …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

The first three responses appeared in the magazine. The rest are Web Extras.

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I realized I was mistaking knowledge for wisdom.
Gail Durfee, Magic Valley EC | McAllen

I began talking less and listening more.
Tammie Manchester, Jackson EC | Sargent

I left home.
Patty Longino Smith

I graduated high school.
Manuel G. Trevino, Medina EC | Pearsall

I found out I wasn’t.
Linda Schilling | Via Facebook

I realized that I had to get a job.
Craig Massouh, Pedernales EC | Sattler

My children, who wondered what my typewriter was, having never seen one, had to tutor me on the intricacies of computers and smartphones.
W. Grant Braly, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cuero

I started helping my first grade grandson with his remote school.
Janet Shires | Via Facebook

Even though I have a doctorate degree, I tried to help my 10-year-old niece do her math homework.
Bonnie Wilson, Pedernales EC | Leander

I failed my first class in college.
LeAnn M. Holt, Grayson-Collin EC | Allen

I had grandkids.
Janet Rodriguez | Via Facebook

I met Mom and Dad.
Russell Moore, Pedernales EC | Kyle

Ma Jeruss | Via Facebook

I went through high school again with my teenager.
Sherri Jeffery, Grayson-Collin EC | McKinney

I got old enough to know better.
Linda Chudej | Via Facebook

I became a real estate agent.
Anita Connelly, Fannin County EC | Trenton

I stuck my hand in a beaver den because I had seen the pair swimming with babies. I wanted to pet one and happened to look around at the saplings chewed down to make that den. It wasn’t until that very second that I found common sense and saved my hand and fingers.
Brenda English | Via Facebook

My kindergartener showed me how to start my computer.
Suzette Dooley, Grayson-Collin EC | Dorchester

I got older and wiser.
Lois Granniss Wharton | Via Facebook

I took my first freshman exam in college, many years ago. I never again assumed I knew it all.
John Cummins, Taylor EC | Abilene

I realized that the only thing I am sure of is I really don’t know very much.
Jack L. Hathcoat Jr. | Via Facebook

I got married. I was super organized and punctual until I got married.
Adrian Stevens, Grayson-Collin EC | Melissa

My grandchildren introduced me to new math.
Lora Horton | Via Facebook

I watched Jeopardy.
Cathy Jaynes, Wise EC | Aurora

My wife convinced me of my error.
Dave Baxley | Via Facebook

I realized I do not know what I do not know.
Kidron B. Tirey, Grayson-Collin EC | McKinney

I found out virtual learning with elementary grandkids is way above my head.
Laura Johnson | Via Facebook

I grew up.
Bob Lakin, Navarro County EC | Chatfield

I came here expecting a warm winter.
Cynthia Tassell | Via Facebook

I realized that I’d ridden my bicycle 7 hard miles because the handlebars were turned completely around.
Susan Price, United Cooperative Services | Mineral Wells

I made it all by hand.
Melissa Missy Beth Redden | Via Facebook

I graduated from college. I walked through the library one last time and realized I only knew a very small fraction of what was in all those books.
Patricia Leverett, Tri-County EC | Keller

I had teenagers.
Ruth David, Nueces EC | Corpus Christi

I went to geometry class.
Yahaira Salazar, Deaf Smith EC | Hereford

I bought an item labeled “some assembly required.”
Scott Stevens, Grayson-Collin EC | Melissa

I met someone who was.
Jed Davis, Fannin County EC | Bonham

I failed my IQ test.
Randall Bryant, Bluebonnet EC | Bastrop

Search engines were developed.
Sandra Bell, Panola-Harrison EC | Harrison County

I met my future wife, Becky, who showed me what smart truly was.
Jason Blocker, United Cooperative Services | Burleson

I started first grade.
Betty Rayburn, Southwest Texas EC | Eldorado

I found the value of humility.
Stan Wilkins, Bowie-Cass EC | Bivins

I became a parent.
Elizabeth M. Reed, CoServ | Northlake

I discovered I don’t know as much as the average country boy in Texas when it comes to fishing or hunting. I feel like a city slicker, but I’m not.
Anthony Piwetz, Nueces EC | Victoria

I turned 18 and graduated.
Lloyd Jewell, Fayette EC | Weimar

I started teaching elementary students. They are curious and have a lot of excellent questions.
Lois Shilling, San Bernard EC | Cat Spring

My 9-year-old grandson taught me how to play craps. And he beat me.
Cherie Taylor, Trinity Valley EC | Athens

I kept my 4-year-old grand-nephew for a week.
Karen Moore, Jasper-Newton EC | Call

I had a discussion about dinosaurs with a 4-year-old.
Carol Gardner, Pedernales EC | Lakeway

I tried to pass the eighth grade final exam of Salina, Kansas, from 1895.
Janet Batchelor, Sam Houston EC | Willis

I owned a horse.
Bob Schmidt, Bluebonnet EC | Brenham

I barely survived a snowstorm.
Whitney Reid, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

I had kids.
Candy Tinkham, Navasota Valley EC | Normangee

I woke from the dream.
Patricia Dickeson, HILCO EC | Hillsboro

I listened to a child.
Linda Gill, Nueces EC | Lufkin

I married an engineer.
Bonnie McCaleb, MidSouth EC | Montgomery

I started at the university and met the other students.
Teresa Perez, Pedernales EC | Austin

I talk to technical support anywhere.
Jim Wilson, Bluebonnet EC | Burton

I had four teenage daughters.
Glenda Roberts, Victoria EC | Victoria

I had teenagers.
Brenda Martinez, South Plains EC | Lubbock

I realized I was pronouncing quinoa incorrectly.
Rachel Humphries, Bowie-Cass EC | Hooks

I bought a new smart car.
Evalynn Christiansen, MidSouth EC | Iola

I carried my laundry outdoors to the clothesline then saw my 3-year-old gleefully locking the screen door behind me.
Gayla Leech, CECA | Albany

I started listening to what I was saying.
Richard McFarland, Pedernales EC | Canyon Lake