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Finish This Sentence

I Wish I Could …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

Here’s how our readers finished that sentence. The first five responses appeared in the magazine. The rest are Web Extras.

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Find a cure for COVID-19.
Sherryion Lane, MidSouth EC | Huntsville

Have just one more day with my dad, Dixie Wheeler. I have so many questions I’d like to ask him.
Rodney Wheeler, Bluebonnet EC | Lytton Springs

Fit into the pants I wore before quarantine.
Caryl Zimmerman, Central Texas EC | Kingsland

Figure out what my cats are thinking when they stare at me.
Laurie L. Reagan, Bandera EC | Leakey

Give everyone a hug.
Margaret Fontenot, Bluebonnet EC | Somerville

Tell a certain person how I feel, but I can’t.
BJ Harris

Have witnessed the first 2 billion years of the creation of our universe and its wonders.
Jim Foehner, Pedernales EC | Wimberley

Not be a burden to my loved ones—in old age, when I get there.
Velma Schaferling

Remember every question I ever asked when I was 4 to 6 years old.
Gwen Collier, Sam Houston EC | Livingston

End this virus and make people happy as they used to be.
John Hogue

Go back in time to 1969, when my husband was transferred to serve with the Royal Air Force in England. Living and traveling for three years in Great Britain among the English people were the happiest, most memorable years of my life.
Carol Cook, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

Back a trailer correctly.
Janet Mosley

Travel the world.
Elaine Spence, Wood County EC | Lindale

See Tony and my parents again. Turning back time would be awesome.
Sheila Howison

Create a mirror for people to see themselves as they were meant to be, how they can be loved, and their full potential rather than whatever negative society has instilled in them.
Lisa Vaughan, Heart of Texas EC | China Spring

Make peace on Earth, goodwill for all.
Grace Walton Miklos

Travel back in time and experience Texas as my ancestors did, travel into the future and experience Texas as my descendants will.
Mark Brooks, Jackson EC | Van Vleck

Get rid of the virus.
Anita Tanguma

Do away with political party affiliations so we could actually have a chance at having a United States.
R. Wittenburg, Jackson EC | Edna

See my son Ricky again.
Alice Sanchez

Go back in time to correct the errors made with coronavirus.
Lucy Morin, Nueces EC | Alice

Go safely in public without a mask or worry.
Donna Smith Aaron

Make it rain.
Denise Baehre, Central Texas EC | Fredericksburg

Go back and convince my dad to believe his doctor’s diagnoses of the diabetes that caused his death from lack of treatment.
Jim Evans, Victoria EC | Port Lavaca

Find out what really happened to Davy Crockett at the Alamo.
Craig Massouh, Pedernales EC | Sattler

Go back in time 70 years and tell my 18-year-old self to save your birthday money; don’t spend it.
Mildred McLemore, Bluebonnet EC | Caldwell

Lose 200 pounds.
Ginger Clark, Tri-County EC | Azle

Turn back time.
Cindy Robertson

Go on vacation.
Linette Fleitman, J-A-C EC | Windthorst

See the ones I have lost one last time.
Carol Lewis, Bluebonnet EC | Smithville

Have given Charley Pride a hug before he died.
Larry Pool

Give every person in Texas the experience of riding a good horse.
Raynell Ray Glaser, Fannin County EC | Bonham

See and hug my family.
Steve and Cindy Yukich

Go back to being 25 years old with the knowledge I have now at 60.
Mike Harp, Bandera EC | Vanderpool

Button my britches.
LB Blanton

Live in our house long enough to see our two neighbors’ four babies graduate from high school and college.
Bonnie Wilson, Pedernales EC | Leander

Talk to my grandpa again.
Steve Lisa Boston

Visit every Texas Main Street city.
Angie Hillin, CoServ | The Colony

Make the pandemic go away.
Sharon Brewer

Understand what’s happening at the event horizon surrounding a black hole at dimensions much smaller than the quantum level.
W.C. Welz Jr., Nueces EC | Corpus Christi

Change some things.
Gary N Bev Holm

Tell every young girl that her identity is not determined by who her friends are or who her boyfriend is.
Gloria J. Bass, Bandera EC | Lakehills

Hug my daughter.
Sherry Turner Clift

Turn the whole world back a year, with the hopes that the pandemic would never happen.
Jenny Rudolf, Jackson EC | Churchill

Go up to see the snow in Colorado.
Brenda Barfield

Fly to Washington and visit my daughter without fear of COVID-19.
Debbie Ewald, PenTex Energy | Gainesville

See my dear friend.
Helen Norvell

Hug my 91-year-old mother who lives alone and has interaction starvation.
Christine Lowry, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

Go to sleep at 3 a.m.
JW Putman

Go back in time.
Debra Jones

See my two sons in heaven.
Barbara Belden Jones

Win the lottery.
Kristen Hernandez

Go back to the good ol’ days BC (before COVID).
Pamela Daisy Ryman