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Meet MidSouth: Water Services

Team focuses on providing high-quality drinking water

Water is the world’s most precious resource, essential to the survival of Earth’s inhabitants. Without it, this rock we call home would be a desolate wasteland devoid of all life. That’s why, for 23 years, MidSouth Water Services has remained committed to maintaining a clean and consistent source of water for the people of Montgomery and surrounding areas.

MidSouth Water Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MidSouth Electric Co-op that received its first water certificate of convenience in January 1999. Since that time, several water systems located within Montgomery County have been acquired.

The 11-member MidSouth Water Services team is dedicated to providing a consistent flow of high-quality drinking water. The team oversees eight water plants to supply portions of the Montgomery area. One water plant can produce over 1 million gallons of water per day, and during high-usage months those numbers are a common occurrence. The team maintains more than 7,400 meters on a system supplying water to residential and commercial customers. Considering the amount of water flowing through its system each day, MidSouth Water Services constantly monitors all of its infrastructure to ensure it’s operating safely and effectively by performing routine maintenance and system improvements.

Helping consumers save on their bills by offering conservation tips and free audits has always been at the core of MidSouth’s methodology. As water crew leader Josh Turknett said, “One of the main causes of high usage are irrigation systems.” Statistics show more than 50% of residential water usage is often attributed to lawn irrigation. Inefficient system settings often lead to unnecessary waste of water and money. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, having a well-managed irrigation system can reduce water usage, potentially saving a homeowner 7,600 gallons annually.

To help consumers conserve water, MidSouth offers free residential irrigation system audits through the Water Irrigation System Evaluation program—also known as the WISE Guys program. Once members complete the online form on our website at, a state-licensed irrigator will reach out to schedule a site visit. The technician will inspect your system’s components and make adjustment and repair recommendations. Irrigation controller settings may also be adjusted at this time to allow for more efficient use.

MidSouth Water Services continues to provide a steady stream of fresh water to the residents of Montgomery more than two decades after its inception. As service continues to expand in the area, our team is committed to providing the best quality service to its consumers while remaining champions of water conservation.