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For Electric Cooperative Members
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MidSouth Electric Co-op To Install Fiber-Optic Cable

Technology improves our ability to serve you

MidSouth Electric Co-op upholds its commitment to its mission to provide quality service at a reasonable price, bringing vital services to increase the quality of life and economic health in the cooperative’s service area. As technology advances, we continue to evaluate how we can make our distribution system more robust and smarter to provide more reliable electric service to our members. Key to achieving our reliability goals is clear communication between our devices.

To make this communication possible, MidSouth is installing a fiber backbone cable. This project started in mid-2018 and is progressing well. Our plan is to connect fiber-optic cable to our entire electric system, including on the poles that are currently within our rights-of-way. We will provide notice to you when construction is set to begin in your area.

Once the project is finished, not only will MidSouth employees be able to communicate more efficiently and reliably with every one of our devices, but members will benefit as well. Without changing the size or orientation of the fiber cable communicating with our electric infrastructure, MidSouth will be able to provide reliable fiber internet service to members’ homes at industry-leading speeds. This service—called Fiber to the Home—will become available as the fiber line is expanded and will be optional for members. If you are interested in fiber internet service to your home, visit to register.

At MidSouth, we look forward to improving the reliable and efficient system that serves our members. We are excited about this project, its progress and its potential to increase economic development in our area through continuing the evolution toward a smart power grid. The possibilities that fiber internet service opens for our communities and schools are comparable to the life-changing impact that MidSouth had when it electrified rural communities in 1940.

We look forward to what the future holds for the MidSouth service area. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Kerry Kelton