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MidSouth Water Services Helps You Save

Avoid wasting this precious resource

Though water sometimes may seem abundant, it is a finite resource essential to life—and our lifestyles. With summer heat and inflation eating into family budgets, MidSouth Electric Cooperative wants to help you save money on your water bill through water saving tips and online monitoring of household usage.

Irrigation Efficiency

Statistics show more than 50% of residential water usage is often attributed to lawn irrigation. Inefficient irrigation systems can cost you precious dollars through unnecessary water waste. Free residential system evaluations are available to you through the Water Irrigation System Evaluation Guys program. Complete the form at, and a state-licensed irrigator will reach out to schedule a site visit. The WISE Guys technician will be able to inspect all components of your system and make recommendations for adjustment and repair. Irrigation controller settings may also be adjusted at this time to allow for more efficient use.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a well-managed irrigation system can reduce water usage, potentially saving 7,600 gallons annually.

Yard Care Tips To Preserve Water

Besides the free irrigation audit, there are other steps you can take to preserve water while maintaining a healthy yard.

When mowing grass, cutting to 3 inches prevents stress and allows roots to grow deeper and stronger. The longer grass will also provide shade to the soil, keeping it cooler and requiring less water, putting your turf in a better position to withstand heat and drought.

It is recommended that grass clippings remain on the lawn after mowing. This not only provides an extra layer of shade but also returns essential nutrients to the soil upon decomposition.

The best time to water your yard is overnight, when temperatures are cooler, decreasing waste through evaporation. Mulching around trees and flower beds helps to prevent further evaporation and keeps the contained roots at a lower temperature.

Keeping these tips in mind can help save you money while fostering a greener lawn.

Monitor Your Daily Use

MidSouth EC offers you the ability to monitor your water usage through our app and online portal.

To view your water usage:

1. Log in to your MidSouth Customer Portal.

2. At the home screen, select My Account to open a drop-down menu, then select Water Usage.

3. Click the View Water Usage button at the bottom right corner.

4. You will be redirected to our H2O Analytics page, where you can view your hourly, daily and monthly usage data.

In the app store of your mobile device, search MidSouth Water Services to download the app and view your water usage from the comfort of your smartphone. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Monitoring your family’s water use habits gives you the opportunity to alter behaviors and reduce your bill. By using less water, you can help protect the environment and your hard-earned money.