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For Electric Cooperative Members
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Our Heroes Wear Hard Hats

MidSouth EC honors our hardworking professionals on Lineworker Appreciation Day

Line work is not an easy profession or for the faint of heart. Years of specialized training are required prior to licensing, followed by continuing education throughout their career.

More impressive, however, is the dedication and commitment lineworkers show to the communities they serve. When most people are evacuating or sheltering in a safe place with loved ones, electric lineworkers leave the comfort of their homes and the ones they love to tackle dangerous jobs in difficult conditions.

This dedication and service is why MidSouth Electric Cooperative sets aside the second Monday of April each year to recognize the brave men and women who work around the clock to keep our power on.

We join other electric cooperatives across the nation in celebrating Lineworker Appreciation Day and expressing our gratitude for the critical role MidSouth lineworkers play in providing our homes and businesses with reliable electricity.

Line work is filled with immense risk. Carrying heavy gear, these brave workers regularly scale 40-foot poles supporting high-voltage power lines. It’s a difficult job even on a clear sunny day, requiring critical attention to detail. In the wake of strong storms, extreme temperatures and natural disaster, the work is daunting at best. It isn’t any wonder why this profession is among the most dangerous in the country.

MidSouth EC’s lineworkers maintain over 3,000 of miles of high-voltage line. When they aren’t repairing damage, they’re upgrading and improving our structures to maximize the quality of your power service. The growth we see in our communities would not be possible without our lineworkers. They take the new construction required for family homes and small businesses very seriously.

MidSouth lineworkers are heroes in every sense of the word. As first responders of our workforce, we count on their courage and skill, in good times and bad. We also trust their dedication to our co-op members and their commitment to community.

They deserve all the appreciation and accolades that come their way. On April 8, and any time you see a lineworker, we hope you’ll take a moment to thank them for their service.