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For Electric Cooperative Members
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Plan Ahead for Life Support During Power Outages

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For people who rely on life support equipment at home, a power outage could be a matter of life or death. If you or someone in your home depends on an electrically operated health aid, take these steps to prepare for power outages.

  • Let Big Country Electric Cooperative know that someone in your home relies on electrically powered medical equipment so your home will receive priority treatment during a power outage.
  • Make sure that Big Country EC has up-to-date contact information for you and sign up to receive outage notifications and updates.
  • Report all outages quickly.
  • Plug electronic devices into surge suppressors and consider using uninterruptible power supplies on important devices. A UPS acts as a temporary battery backup to some devices.
  • Consider investing in a portable generator that can power vital equipment in the event of an extended outage.
  • Make arrangements to move in temporarily with friends or family during
  • a power failure if a generator is impractical.
  • Keep an adequate supply of prescription drugs and medical equipment on hand.