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Sandy Wolff | Pedernales EC

Bacon and poblano peppers create a savory, not-too-spicy dish that’s easy to assemble and hearty enough to serve for dinner. Migas are endlessly versatile, so feel free to adjust the ingredients to your liking.

1/2 pound bacon
1 medium onion, chopped
1 large fresh poblano pepper, stemmed, seeded and chopped
6 corn tortillas, torn into bite-size pieces
1 can (10 ounces) diced tomatoes and green chiles, drained
2 cups grated cheddar jack cheese
6 eggs
1 cup half-and-half

1. Fry bacon until crisp, then drain, cool and crumble. Grease a 9-by-13-inch baking dish with cooking spray. Scatter the bacon evenly over the bottom of dish.

2. Sauté the onion and poblano until the onion is clear; drain and spread evenly over bacon. Then layer the tortillas, tomatoes and chiles, and cheese over the vegetables.

3. Beat the eggs and half-and-half together until well-blended, then pour over ingredients in baking dish. Refrigerate the mixture overnight, or bake immediately 25–30 minutes at 350 degrees until bubbly and brown. (If refrigerated overnight, the casserole might take a bit longer to bake.)

Serves 4.

January 2017 Recipe Contest