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For Electric Cooperative Members

Honey Harrell | United Cooperative Services

“The combination of flavors makes the onions and mushrooms sought after as much as the shrimp itself,” Harrell says. “A Christmas tradition in our house but easily served for an anytime gathering.”

3 quarts water
4 tablespoons Old Bay seasoning
4 pounds large Gulf shrimp
2 cups vegetable or olive oil
1 cup red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon mustard
2 cups ketchup
1/2 cup chili sauce
1 teaspoon paprika
3 jars (6 ounces each) whole button mushrooms, drained
3 cups whole pearl onions, sliced into very thin rings (or 2 cups thinly sliced onion)
2 bay leaves
Saltine crackers (optional)

1. Bring water to a boil and add Old Bay seasoning and shrimp, cooking 4 minutes. Do not overcook. Drain, cool and peel shrimp.

2. In a bowl, whisk together oil, vinegar, mustard, ketchup, chili sauce and paprika.

3. Pack shrimp, mushrooms, onion slices and bay leaves into a large jar or container with a tightfitting lid. Pour oil and vinegar mixture into container. Refrigerate at least 2 days, but preferably longer. Several times a day, turn jar over to marinate evenly. Keeps 1 week.

4. Remove bay leaves before serving. Serve in a chilled bowl with saltine crackers, if desired.

Serves 12–14.