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For Electric Cooperative Members
Energy Efficiency

Replace Power Strips

Advanced technology helps automate energy savings

When you leave electronics like TVs, computers and game consoles plugged in—even while turned off—they continue to use small amounts of electricity.

The new solution: Instead of plugging devices into a wall socket—or even into a regular power strip—plug them into an “advanced” power strip that blocks unused electronics from drawing electricity.

An advanced power strip looks just like your old one, but inside, it does so much more. In home entertainment centers and home office areas where many consumer electronics typically are plugged into a power strip, it works by preventing electronics from drawing power when they are not being used.

There are a variety of types of advanced power strips to fit people’s needs. If you often fall asleep when watching TV, an advanced power strip with an activity monitor can turn everything off for you. Or if you are diligent about turning all your electronics off when you aren’t using them but are concerned about the lingering power draw, a masterless advanced power strip can make sure everything is completely off.

By replacing your standard power strip with an advanced model, you can save energy and money.