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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Compassionate Camps

As a parent of an autistic child who participated in Camp CAMP for many years, I was overjoyed to see this fine organization recognized in your magazine [‘I Love All the Love Here,’ July 2023].

Martin Giblin, Pedernales EC | Spring Branch


Knowing Natives

Native grasses? Really? The first grass you list (Johnson grass) was imported from Turkey [Ranchland Revival, July 2023]. I can remember my father cursing it and the man it was named for when I was a boy. It is listed as a noxious weed in 19 states and under certain circumstances becomes deadly to cattle and horses.

Jim Evans, Victoria EC | Port Lavaca

Editor’s note: Sharp eye, Jim. Rancher Jon Taggart has planted Johnson grass until native grasses become established, but it’s not native to Texas.


Marathon’s Gage Hotel features a grand lobby and rooms that are at once modern and rustic.

courtesy Gage Hotel

Old-School Luxury

These fantastic hotels are true reminders of old-school luxury and comfort [Sleeping Giants, July 2023]. I recommend stepping out and trying all these magnificent hotels.

Bill Koenig, Fayette EC | West Point


A Trailblazer

My grandmother was one of the original Rangerettes [Kilgore’s Kickers, June 2023].

Holly Anthony | Via Facebook


Historical Details

I had never known about the post-revolution battles with Mexico [Second Sacking, July 2023]. I also learned a new word or two from the author.

Keith Brown, Pedernales EC | Lago Vista


I noticed a discrepancy. At the end it says the two attacks on Texas drove the Texians to join the United States six years after the Mexican attacks in 1842. That would make it 1848 when Texas joined the U.S. In school, we learned that Texas joined the U.S. on December 29, 1845. Did I miss something somewhere?

Bill Beverly, Trinity Valley EC | Canton

Editor’s note: Our mistake, Bill. Texas joined the U.S. three years after the 1842 attacks. The story has been corrected on our website.