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For Electric Cooperative Members
March 2019 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Love Those Burgers

My husband, Bob, and I married in 1954. We moved to Cleburne [North Texas Rail Yard, January 2019], and as soon as he got his paycheck, we went to the little hamburger place and bought six hamburgers for $1. They were so good.

Lots of miles and years later, we went back to the little hamburger place. I told the lady our story, and the hamburgers were just as good as they had been years ago.

Laura Honea | Gatesville
Hamilton County EC

Legend of the Lone Ranger

I am 81 years old and as a young boy was an avid follower of The Lone Ranger on radio. I sent in numerous Cheerios box tops for various Lone Ranger stuff.

I also had several novels by Zane Grey, and one of them told the story of how the Lone Ranger came to be. He was the sole survivor in his group after a battle with outlaws. He was nursed back to health by Tonto and then became the Lone Ranger. He wore the mask to conceal his identity as a member of the group thought to have been all killed by the outlaws. So, I agree with the letter writer from Bandera EC [Hitched to a Fable?, Letters, January 2019].

Ben F. Davis II | Grand Saline
Wood County EC

Wreaths’ Reach

I also was deeply touched by the article on Wreaths Across America, so much so that I went online to donate and ended up volunteering for the wreath-laying ceremony at Texas State Cemetery [Wreaths Across America, Letters, January 2019].

Lynn Bishop | Martindale
Bluebonnet EC

Recalling Aquarena Springs

My husband, Robert Brown, took our grandson, Carson, to Aquarena Springs [Thirst for Knowledge, January 2019] at San Marcos four years ago. Carson got his basic open-water scuba diving certification there. I’d purchased a coffee cup showing Ralph the diving pig at a yard sale years before Carson was born, and we’d used it as a pencil holder. Pretty cool that 10 years later it would all come together and that you’d have such an informative article about it.

Deb Goodson | Sunset
Wise County EC

The Best Medicine

I have been a side-walker in several equine therapy locations and know the truth of Julia Robinson’s observations [The Healing Power of Horses, December 2018]. The healing changes between horses and humans defy description. They remind us that oftentimes caring relationships are the best and longest-lasting medicine.

Jane Bouterse | Powderly
Lamar EC

Recipes Feedback

I feel compelled to tell you how delicious the Brown Butter Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are [All Hail the Cookie Jar, September 2018]. Everyone who tried them raved, including my “I don’t eat sweets” husband.

Anita Harbor | Austin
Pedernales EC

I really enjoy the recipes in your magazine. However, while searching online through the recipes, I noticed that there are no pictures. I really think the addition of a picture of the finished product would be very beneficial. I am much more tempted to try a recipe for the first time when a nice picture captures my attention.

Vicki Becker | Hico
Hamilton County EC