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Tornado Season Peaks in June

Cover yourself with these safety tips

Be better prepared for tornado season, which peaks in June, with this safety information from the Texas Department of Insurance.

A tornado watch means tornadoes are possible in the area, and a tornado warning means a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar.

When a tornado warning has been issued for your area or if you see an approaching tornado, follow these safety tips.

If you are in a school, hospital, factory, shopping center, business or home:

  • Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls.
  • Do not open windows.
  • Go to a basement, if one is available.
  • Find an interior room on the lowest floor, if there is no basement.
  • Cover yourself in blankets, towels or anything that will protect you from flying debris.

If you are in a car or mobile home:

  • Get out immediately. Find a substantial structure or designated tornado shelter. If no suitable structure is nearby, lie flat, face down, in the nearest ditch or depression and use your hands to cover your head to protect against flying debris.