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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
Big Country EC News

Transparency in Action

Report from D. Mark McClain, General Manager

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Who do you see? We at Big Country Electric Cooperative hope that you see a reflection of our values—honesty and integrity, chiefly—whether you see us working the lines, talk to us on the phone or visit with us in community circles. Like a mirror, trust is fragile, and we strive to be transparent with you in all things so you can trust the reflection of us that you see.

Transparency is not very prevalent in our society, but it is a value that we emphasize at Big Country EC, both internally and externally. Transparency means:

  • Freedom from pretense or deceit.
  • Easy detection.
  • Readily understood.
  • Accessibility of information, especially concerning business practices.

To see us put transparency to work, we ask for your attendance at the annual meeting of your cooperative this year and every year. By attending, you can hear about the latest goings-on at BCEC, get a barometer of the co-op’s overall financial health, vote on co-op leadership and other business matters, and, if you’re lucky, win a door prize.

In our fast-paced, hyperconnected world, casual human interaction has become strikingly unusual, but at each annual meeting, you have the opportunity to connect with us face-to-face and visit with friends and neighbors over a meal. To some of our younger or newer members, the idea of a community gathering like this may seem quaint, but the face time and fellowship with your fellow members represent a key part of the cooperative difference—that we’re not a faceless, monolithic entity you encounter only through billing statements each month. We’re neighbors who all share in the co-op’s success and progress.

Since our co-op is a democracy, participation of members is crucial. That is why it is important for you—if you care about how your co-op is run—to attend the annual meeting. Co-ops are different from other forms of business because of their members and because of the way decisions about the business are made. We welcome and encourage your involvement. After all, this is your co-op.

We’ve been your cooperative for 80 years and seek to serve you for a long time to come by providing each of our members with reliable electric service and working to enrich the communities we serve. Changes over time are inevitable, and at the annual meeting, we will discuss some likely changes we face. Despite the ever-changing landscape of the future, success for us at BCEC lies in our unfailing commitment to transparency as these changes take shape, including effective communication with you along the way.

Whether you are a longtime attendee, have never attended an annual meeting or fall somewhere in between, I urge you to pencil in April 25 this year and work together with us to make your electric cooperative the best it can be. Your presence and input enable us to do the best we possibly can for our members and our communities.

Come see us and learn who we are—witness the cooperative difference in action. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s annual meeting.