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Visit M-Beaux’s if You’re Craving Cajun

Local seafood restaurant delivers a Louisiana specialty

Looking to spice up your next meal? Look no further than M-Beaux’s Crawfish and Cajun Seafood, a small restaurant with big flavor.

Located on FM 244 in Anderson, M-Beaux’s is sure to satisfy your cajun cravings.

“I wanted to open a little crawfish hole in the middle of nowhere where people could hang out and see the country where I was raised,” says owner Emmett Moody.

Known for impeccably seasoned crawfish and decadent crawfish queso, M-Beaux’s has something on the menu for everyone. With a recently renovated outdoor space that doubled their seating capacity and a new outdoor bar, the atmosphere is sure to provide a laid-back experience and escape from the everyday hustle.

Courtesy M-Beaux’s

“We tried to make it like your own backyard, where you can sit and visit with family and friends,” Moody says. It’s an atmosphere the restaurant has achieved for the past 12 years.

A family affair, M-Beaux’s has prided itself on quality since the beginning, and the restaurant aims to reaffirm its dedication to quality with every crawfish season.

Courtesy M-Beaux’s

“Crawfish season runs typically from end of January to early June,” Moody says. “We get our crawfish from the same family in Louisiana that we have used from the beginning. I have tried others, but quality is the most important thing to me. I will not sell something to somebody that isn’t up to my standards. I’d rather shut down than have poor quality.”

“We have had growing pains, but I think we are finally on the right track. We have a great staff and loyal employees. We are one big family up here!”

Moody attributes much of his success to tremendous help and support from family and friends.

“My family is my biggest supporter, and we are a team,” he says. “My mom, Ann Clark, and [her] husband, Danny Clark, helped me to get it going and still help me anytime I ask! It’s rough and sometimes I want to give up getting ready for crawfish season. It is a lot of work, and to keep it going for that long is tiring for everybody up here. From getting all the pots and burners and coolers ready to getting all the seasonings and equipment up to my liking … it’s a backbreaker! I have had so many people ask about recipes, and I kind of keep those close to my heart.”

Courtesy M-Beaux’s

Each recipe at M-Beaux’s has its own story. From working on the crawfish recipe for weeks with Uncle Joe to the crawfish queso recipe with his fiancée, Mika, Moody has made sure that family remains a constant at his restaurant and is represented in every bite.

“I guess the best part of M-Beaux’s is seeing the friends and family coming in and eating and laughing and enjoying my place. That’s all I ever wanted!” he says. “Meeting new people and hearing all the different stories—that’s what makes this place my heart and soul. It’s not just a job; it’s a part of me, and I feel like I’m feeding family at my home and I’m entertaining every weekend. I’m just glad to see it’s finally on the map and people are loving it.”

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