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For Electric Cooperative Members
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We’re Prepared for Summer Storms

Medina EC works before and after weather events to maintain reliability

Summer is here, school is out and families are gearing up for a few months of fun and relaxation. Summer brings fun in the sun, but it can also bring the occasional severe storm. In the event of a power outage, you can trust that Medina Electric Cooperative is ready to respond.

The major cause of most power outages is damage to power lines caused by falling trees and branches. Through right-of-way clearing, we work year-round to ensure that power lines in our service territory stand little risk of being damaged by trees, branches or other vegetation.

Despite our best efforts, though, during major storms, damage can occur to transmission stations, substations and power lines. When this happens, our first priority is to safely restore power to as many members as possible in the shortest amount of time.

We start by mobilizing our line crews and other critical staff. Every phone line available is used to take your outage report calls. The big problems are handled first—such as damage to transmission lines, which serve thousands of people—before we can focus on other areas where more localized damage might have occurred.

Medina EC’s line crews inspect substations to determine if the problem starts there or if there could be an issue down the line. If the root of the problem is at the substation, power can be restored to hundreds, possibly thousands of members.

Next line crews check the service lines that deliver power into individual neighborhoods and communities. Crews will then repair the damaged lines, restoring power to dozens of people. If you continue to experience an outage, there might be damage to a tap line outside your home or business. Make sure you notify Medina EC so crews can inspect these lines.

We will do our best to avoid power outages, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. During a power outage, we will send outage notifications through text and email to members who have verified their contact methods through SmartHub. Learn more about those alerts at You can follow outage updates on our outage map at

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