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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
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What’s In A Bill?

If you have ever wondered what everything on your bill means, this handy guide will help

See the graphic above to help you find this useful information on your monthly bill.

1. Message Window: Look here for important news, notices and updates from your cooperative.

2. Member Information: Shows your member and account numbers, phone and email.

3. Due Date & Total Due: Make this payment in full by the due date shown to avoid any late fees.

4. After Due Date: This amount includes late fees if your payment is received by Medina EC after the due date.

5. Billing Overview: A breakdown of the account balance for the billing period.

6. Amount Enclosed: Enter the amount of payment enclosed with payment stub.

7. Payment Stub: Please return this portion with payment in the envelope provided.

8. Service Description: This gives the name for the location of this meter.

9. Account Number: Use this number when making payments through Medina EC’s automated phone system.

10. Meter Number: Every meter has a number, and this denotes yours.

11. Rate Code: The numeric code for the type of service you are receiving. You can find our rates at

12. Readings and Service Dates: Gives you that information for the billing period.

13. kWh Usage: Shows the amount of electricity you used for this period.

14. Demand and HP: This is based on the amount of power being consumed or the equipment used, and is typically seen on irrigation accounts.

15. Account Comparison Summary: Compare the current month, last month and same month last year.

16. Detail: Shows all your current charges.

17. PCRF: Power Cost Recovery Factor is the difference between Medina EC’s set rate, predicted in advance, and the actual rate paid for wholesale electricity, which fluctuates monthly. Learn more at

18. Make corrections to your member information here if mailing address, phone or email has changed.

What Are Account Charges For?

Every member’s bill will differ. Members can expect to see these charges in the detail of current charges on their bill (16):

Customer Charge: Pays for fixed costs the cooperative has regardless of the amount of energy consumed. For example: Poles, wires and line equipment must be in place to serve every member, whether they use 50 kWh or 2,500 kWh.

Energy Charge: Determined by the amount of electricity you used. It covers the wholesale cost of electricity, or the price that the power provider charges Medina EC for the power it sends to your home.

Other Adjustments You May See:

Roundup Amt: If you choose to participate in the Operation Round Up Program, your bill is rounded up to the next whole dollar. Learn more at

Security Light: If a member chooses to add a security light to their service.

GenerLink: A safety device members can have installed for a generator.

Surge: Members can elect to participate in our surge protection program.

Fees: If there are any fees associated with your account, for example, reconnect fees or taxes, they will be noted here.

Capital Credits: If and when capital credits are returned to members, current members see a credit on their bill. Info at

You can also view your billing details, along with daily breakdowns of the amount of electricity you used, on SmartHub.

Email us at [email protected] or call 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532) if you have any questions.