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For Electric Cooperative Members
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When the Lights Go Out, We Go to Work

Co-ops respond to winter weather emergencies

The snow, ice and blustery winds of this season combine to make winter one of the most treacherous and busy times of year for your electric cooperative.

The weight of ice-laden lines can snap poles. And the mighty winds of a blue norther can tax even the best-maintained systems, downing poles and lines.

Getting the lights back on quickly—and safely—is our No. 1 goal.

If your lights go out, check your fuses and breakers first. If no solution is found there, call the co-op to let us know. Our crews will be on the line straightaway to find and repair the problem.

Don’t forget to stay well clear if the problem is a downed line. Even though the line may appear dead, it is still extremely dangerous. Never touch or try to move a downed power line. Call the co-op immediately, and our crews will handle the situation safely and as quickly as possible.

If your lights do go out, you can rest assured that your cooperative lineworkers—well-trained and ready—will respond without delay.