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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
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You’re More Than a Customer

Message from Medina CEO Trey Grebe

Author Anthony J. D’Angleo once observed that “without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

To a large degree, this reflects Medina Electric Cooperative’s philosophy toward our consumer-members and the broader community that we serve. As a cooperative, we have a different bottom line. While our priority is always to provide reliable and safe energy, there is another equally important part of this equation: the well-being of our membership.

To us, you’re not just a customer—you’re a member of our co-op, and without you, we couldn’t exist.

In 1938, Medina EC was founded to fulfill a vital need in our community that otherwise would not have been met. Concerned local leaders came together to build this co-op and bring electricity where there was none.

At that time, members of the community understood we were different because they likely knew someone who helped form Medina EC. For many people, the circumstances of our founding have been long forgotten, and over time, folks in the community may have come to think of us as simply another energy provider. But we aren’t. We’re a cooperative constantly evolving to meet the needs of the communities we serve, and we’re able to do this because of members like you.

Since our inception, we’ve sought feedback and engagement from you and the broader community to guide our long-term decisions. This is why we hold annual meetings and other events and hold quarterly American Customer Satisfaction Index surveys: to engage with you and obtain your feedback.

That feedback helps guide important co-op decisions that improve our services and enrich the community. We value the perspective of our elected board members, who are members of the co-op and community—just like you. See the information about upcoming nominating meetings on Page 19, if you are interested in becoming a board member.

We strive to find new ways to help you use energy more efficiently. We’re always looking to explore options that will help you manage your energy use. And we always seek to keep pace with the changing energy environment, evolving technology and shifting consumer expectations.

As a local business, Medina EC has a stake in the community. That’s why we support local charitable organizations and offer scholarships to local students. When you support these efforts, you’re supporting the community and making it a better place for everyone.

While times have changed since our co-op was founded, our mission and outlook have not. We always try to exceed member expectations. We also view our role as a catalyst for good. Working together, we can accomplish great things for our community—now and in the future.