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For Electric Cooperative Members
Finish This Sentence

You’re Never Too Old To …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

Here’s how our readers finished that sentence. The first four responses appeared in the magazine. The rest are Web Extras.

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Kiss in the car wash.
Tom and Eunice Lemon, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

Get married. My fiancé, 88, and I, 74, will marry Saturday, May 8.
Ann Shafer, Central Texas EC | Fredericksburg

Say, “I’m sorry.”
Mary Pando, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

Do the right thing.
Penny Haulman, Tri-County EC | Granbury

Start a new chapter in your life.
Sherry York

Wear a nice shimmer on your eyelids.
Jessica Saenz, Magic Valley EC | Alamo

Watch a dung beetle at work.
Craig Massouh, Pedernales EC | Sattler

Make a new friend.
Sally Walsh

Learn to say, “Yes, dear, whatever you say.”
John Sperline, Heart of Texas EC | Lorena

Start something new.
Willett Walker Kayla

Wish you were younger.
W. Grant Braly, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cuero

Learn something new.
Gay McDaniel Miller

Arunachalam Gobalakrishna, CoServ | Northlake

Do what you’ve always wanted to do.
Cheryl Cooper Cotton

Make a difference in the world.
Cindy Vosburgh, Wise EC | Wise County

Set new goals.
Gene Ann Dreyer

Plant a tree.
Sylvia Wingo Huckabee, United Cooperative Services | Stephenville

Be a beginner. Don’t be scared to reinvent yourself. Keep learning.
Shanele Stoll

Live life to its fullest and to thank God for the life he gave you.
Dennis O’Loughlin, CoServ | Denton

Donna Faldyn

Find a love relationship.
Lucy Morin, Nueces EC | Alice

Dance like there is no tomorrow.
Sherry Crecraft Krupinski

Dance in the street.
Dremma Haywood, Farmers EC | Lone Oak

Be kind to animals.
Judy Pickel

Pursue a dream.
Lee Wood, HILCO EC | Whitney

Try something new.
Jo Ann Burk Peterson

Play in the rain.
Nancy Graeve, Tri-County EC | Fort Worth

Start over.
Esther Flath-Otto Dalton

Be a kid again and enjoy life.
Russell Moore, Pedernales EC | Kyle

Enjoy the many different beautiful sceneries from across the great state of Texas.
Tom Borton

Have fun.
Lisa Cook

Play with electric toy trains.
Scott Young, CoServ | McKinney

Praise God and enjoy life.
Barbara Smith Barnett

Harris Schanhaut, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

Have a happy childhood.
Janet Batchelor, Sam Houston EC | Willis

Learn a better way to skin a cat.
Manford Greninger

Learn something new about Texas.
Sherri Walters, Central Texas EC | Kerrville

Reach out and help a person in need.
J.R. Reynolds

Marry the love of your life. I did when I was 69 years old. We celebrated our fifth anniversary in January.
Sharon Rojas

Irene Mattox, San Bernard EC | Hempstead

Act young.
CW McCarty

Be in love.
Joy Bradford, CoServ | McKinney

Find a new love.
Brenda English

Watch a Disney movie with your grandkids.
Mark Browning, Sam Houston EC | Goodrich

Find something special in every day.
Regina McInnis

Brigid Berger, Victoria EC | Port O’Connor

Morna K. Erwin

Have the best day of your life.
Vickey Quarles, Trinity Valley EC | Tennessee Colony

Be young again.
Cindy McKenna Hughes

Parachute out of a military airplane from 3,000 feet and float gently to Earth.
Manuel G. Trevino, Medina EC | Pearsall

Chester Chatelain

Learn and experience real life.
Arlene Wolfe-Maggard

Learn something.
Deborah Jennings, Wood County EC | Hawkins

Madeline Borzilleri

Do the right thing.
Dan A. Myers, United Cooperative Services | Cleburne

Live life to the fullest.
Mary Kubin

Play outside like you did as a child with your neighbors and friends.
Mary Bell, Karnes EC | Poteet

Make a change.
Debbie Dement

Run a marathon or 10K.
Fred Bell, Karnes EC | Poteet

Learn a new skill.
Linda Taylor Salitros

Learn something new, and Texas Co-op Power magazine is one of the ways I do that every month.
George King, Pedernales EC | Spring Branch

Say you’re wrong.
Rita Taylor Casserly

Be useful as a volunteer for a good cause.
Tommy Hudspeth, Taylor EC

Keep doing what you love.
Kathlyn Murray

Do something for someone who will never be able to repay you.
Ernest Balk, Guadalupe Valley EC | New Braunfels

Play with your grandchildren.
Debbie Paiz

Enjoy a book.
Jean Wurtz Daniel

Play with your grandkids.
Rey Tejada, Magic Valley EC | Brownsville

Work out daily.
Jim Cain

Dance in the rain.
Cindy Robertson, Lamar Electric

Be authentic.
Paulann Anali Tristan

Start a new adventure.
Ted Schroeder, Trinity Valley EC | LaRue

Fall in love.
Benny Calvit, Bowie-Cass EC | De Kalb

Play with Play-Doh.
Kelli Emmons

Love Charlie Brown.
Sheila Rae Kallenborn

Sell everything, move to the tropics for a year, return and settle on a small ranch in Texas.
Tammy Silvis, San Bernard EC | Magnolia

Think you are ever too old.
Sherry Hester

Dream. And imagine.
Kim Troutman

Be amazed.
Donna Cornwall, Deep East Texas EC | Nacogdoches

Love your family and God.
Jim B. Cavender

Learn to be humble.
Marianne DiLiberto, CoServ | Denton

Be kind—say, “Thank you” or “I am proud of you.”
Susan Winkler Dossey

Laugh hysterically with your friends.
Swati Mittal, Farmers EC | Murphy

Learn to live, to laugh, to love.
Nita Jo Palmer

Get a headache from eating ice cream too fast.
Dan Teed, CoServ | McKinney

Build something.
Julia Faye Conner

Stop drinking beer.
Carl Thompson, Guadalupe Valley EC | Seguin

Go fishing.
JoEllyn Michel

Get an 82-year-old self up the stairs to a seat for a favorite college football game.
Barbara Yates, Bandera EC

Go to college; I went when I was 40.
Kelly Shiller

Fall in love.
Judy Jenkins, Houston County EC | Oakwood

Think young.
Janna York Wood

Ophelia Falcon-Noriega

Set another goal.
Antonia Stefan, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

Start working out.
David Ruben Lovato

Be a friend to someone.
Karl Knoche, Sam Houston EC | Moscow

Keep trying.
Becke Anderson

Think positive.
Rolando R. Gutierrez, Grayson-Collin EC | Allen

Have a tea party with a 4-year-old.
Carl Burt

Learn, laugh, love, live.
Craig Rutten, Pedernales EC | Round Rock

Cut the mustard.
Margaret Kirby

Stop driving your kids crazy.
Pat Langa, CoServ | Denton

Learn to play a musical instrument. I started at 55.
Andy Jackson

Plant an acorn.
Howard Killgore, United Cooperative Services | Alvarado

Start appreciating art.
James Mason, CoServ | Frisco

Fall in love.
Georganna Sekula, Pedernales EC | Kyle

Learn something new, and I prove it every day.
Cheryl Rummel, Sam Houston EC | Coldspring

Launch a new endeavor.
Stu Berkowitz, Pedernales EC

Get right with God.
Lanny Parish, Sam Houston EC | Lufkin

Live happily ever after.
Terry Sheff, Pedernales EC | Buda

Try to feel young again.
B. Shane Tindall, Bryan Texas Utilities | Tunis

Play soccer.
Gloria J. Stevens, Pedernales EC | Leander

Fall in love again.
Norma Richter, Bluebonnet EC | Brenham

Put your underwear on backward and inside out. I’m 63 and actually did this recently.
Greg McCarty, Pedernales EC | Buda

Have your mother stroke your hair before bed.
LeAnn M. Holt, Grayson-Collin EC | Allen

Find your soulmate.
Suzanne Gilkeson, HILCO EC | Italy

Experience love.
Beth Jones, Navasota Valley EC | Marquez

Help a child.
Marty Szeliga, Pedernales EC | Meadowlakes

Have a happy childhood.
Melinda Weston, Guadalupe Valley EC | La Vernia

Smile and say, “Thank you.”
Kay Schlough, CoServ | Frisco

Choose happiness.
Shelley Anderson-Ledwig, Wharton County EC | Midfield

Enjoy a piece of birthday cake.
Walter Smith, MidSouth EC | Montgomery

Enjoy every moment of your life. Be a young man in old age.
Satpal Rawlley, CoServ | Frisco

Rock and roll.
Merline Johnson, Sam Houston EC | Fred

Ride a horse like you stole it.
Lori Greco, Pedernales EC | Burnet

Make a new friend.
Nancy Jameson, CoServ | Fort Worth

Have cake, ice cream and candles on your birthday.
Marsha England, CECA | De Leon

Dance with your grandkids.
Kim Butler, Houston County EC | Grapeland

Find purpose in every day.
Wes Dick, Grayson-Collin EC | Whitesboro

Make someone’s day with a smile.
Paula Smith, Deep East Texas EC | Hemphill

Be an inspiration.
Brent Robinson, Fort Belknap EC | Olney

Shirley Minardi, Tri-County EC | Fort Worth