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Accessibility Starts at Home

Texas Ramp Project receives TVEC Charitable Foundation Grant

Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, public spaces have become much more welcoming to people with mobility challenges. Of course, that is only helpful for those who can get out of their homes.

For thousands of Texans, the freedom to get out of the house has been made possible by the Texas Ramp Project.

Using volunteer labor and donated funds, like the $4,000 grant from the TVEC Charitable Foundation through Operation Round Up, the Texas Ramp Project has built more than 13,000 ramps across the state.

“Our vision statement is that no resident of Texas should lack safe access for financial reasons,” said John Laine, who accepted the donation on behalf of the Texas Ramp Project. “We will get around 5,000 requests for ramps this year, and we will build 2,000.”

While the benefit to individual ramp recipients is clear, Laine pointed out that everyone benefits when people have the ability to stay in their own homes and out of medical care facilities.

“The people we serve generally have both financial and health issues,” he said. “If someone cannot get out to access the health care they need, they may be forced into nursing home care. We can help them continue living safely at home, close to neighbors, family and friends, and potentially saving taxpayers the cost of a nursing home. It is worlds better, and if they want to get out to go to church or to the store, that is now possible for them.”

The Texas Ramp Project operates based on referrals from health care providers, including doctors and home health agencies.

For more information about the project, how to volunteer or information about getting a ramp, visit