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Web Extras

April 2019 Web Extras

Find exclusive online content from this issue

Several stories in the April magazine feature Web Extras, with additional information and photos available online. Here are links to stories where you’ll find web-exclusive content in videos, slideshows with images and sidebars marked Web Extra.

Online and on the Line
In addition to reading about Lineman Appreciation Day in Currents, you can learn about a couple of special 50th birthdays this month. One is the internet. The other is an Academy Award-winning actress from Katy.

Presidential Powerboat
President Lyndon B. Johnson loved his time on the water, as you’ll see from vintage video from the LBJ Presidential Library.

DIY Takeout
Each month in 2019 we’ll feature Retro Recipes, dishes from past issues of the magazine that Food Editor Paula Disbrowe tweaks and updates for current tastes. Check out the original Golden Rice Salad recipe and the page that featured it in October 1968.

Bible-Powered Flight
Check out what Chet Garner does when he lands in the museum that displays the Ezekiel Airship.

75th Anniversary Timeline: Music
We gathered many more events and milestones than we could fit in the magazine. Check out what else made headlines over the years, including a Texas success story in the Soviet Union—plus you knew the fifth Beatle was a Texan, right? Also, you can listen to 12 hit songs that made Texans famous.