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For Electric Cooperative Members
Finish This Sentence

Can’t I Have Just One More … ?

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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Fishing trip with my dad.
Rodney Wheeler, Bluebonnet EC | Lytton Springs

Chance, officer.
Shelia Worthey, Tri-County EC | Fort Worth

Hour of sleep.
Mary Mion-Webb | Via Facebook

Moment of peace and quiet.
Davie Lee Giles, CoServ | McKinney

Sandra Holt | Via Facebook

Day of cool weather.
Casey Marchmont, Magic Valley EC | Edinburg

Year (times 50) with my husband.
Lynda Mealer | Via Facebook

Chance at love.
Richard Beightol, Pedernales EC | Horseshoe Bay

Day with mom.
Ken Hill | Via Facebook

Day to see my mother’s beautiful face, to talk to her and to hold her tight with many hugs.
Elvira Pulido, Magic Valley EC | Mission

Time with my husband. And dad and mom.
Helen Clifford | Via Facebook

Piece of pie.
Diane Brady, Nueces EC | Ingleside

Tapioca pudding.
Steve Ostlund | Via Facebook

Summer of ’69—16 years old and lovin’ the hot nights and “making the drag” in Greenville.
Dianne Perrin | Via Facebook

Dog (and I don’t mean hot dogs).
Philomina Rouse, Bryan Texas Utilities | College Station

Run through the ’70s.
George W. Cornwell | Via Facebook

Day with my daddy.
Ame Hinson, United Cooperative Services | Cleburne

Pain-free day.
Marilyn Diane Lietzau | Via Facebook

Day with my son, Pfc. Joseph R. Jennings, 1992–2013.
Laurie Jennings, Trinity Valley EC | Chandler

Decade with my mother.
Diane Inga Gilbert | Via Facebook

Pecos cantaloupe.
Jane Gannaway, Pedernales EC | Spicewood

Seven-decade lifespan.
Tim Martin | Via Facebook

Day with my dad. I miss him.
Linda Chick-Haseloff, GVEC | Seguin

Dr Pepper.
Donna Wysong | Via Facebook

John Allen, Wise EC | Decatur

Year with my deceased wife.
Frank Schneider | Via Facebook

Kiss and hug from my almost 2-year-old granddaughter, Della.
Tina Womack, PenTex Energy | Nocona

Charles Booher | Via Facebook

Day with my sweet boy, Louie.
Michael and Melissa Sunshine, Bluebonnet EC | Giddings

Day with my deceased mom and dad.
Ken Mason | Via Facebook

Sandlot football game with my childhood friends of 65 years ago.
Bruce Perea, Sam Houston EC | Huntsville

No, you may not!
Richard Young | Via Facebook

Minute with my daughter, Jordan Ashley Heffley, who was born and died July 5, 1999.
John Heffley, CoServ | Denton

Large shrimp with cocktail sauce.
George Ball | Via Facebook

Day with my mother.
Patti Curtis, Trinity Valley EC | LaRue

Year with my husband.
Pat Betson | Via Facebook

Day with my parents.
Chris Salotti, Nueces EC | Aransas Pass

Helga Oschwald | Via Facebook

Day with Grandmother.
Ray Boughner, Jasper-Newton EC | Newton

Day with my son to know that he made it to heaven.
Mary Garman | Via Facebook

Christmas with my grandparents.
Lori Greco, Pedernales EC | Burnet

Bowl of ice cream.
Judy Pickel | Via Facebook

Hug from late wife of nearly 47 years.
Mike Sherley, Pedernales EC | Leander

Box of Chinese food.
Sterling Foster | Via Facebook

S’more, Miss Moore. (We would say that to our Girl Scout leader.)
Catherine Fife, MidSouth EC | Montgomery

Rosemary Kriegel | Via Facebook

Bowl of ice cream.
Tom McKenzie, San Bernard EC | Cat Spring

Day, hour, minute with my mom.
Gerard van den Dries, Bandera EC | Lake Hills

Siegfried Steins | Via Facebook

Day with my parents.
Alina Santiesteban | Via Facebook

Vintage Corvette, please.
Peter Politi | Via Facebook

Beer? Sure.
Jeff Gove | Via Facebook

One more hug from my sweet Mama Graham.
Laurie Wasson Owens | Via Facebook

Sheila Draper | Via Facebook

Crab Rangoon.
Barbara Barlow | Via Facebook

Day with my son.
Jo McMeans | Via Facebook

With my daddy in heaven.
Rachel Hary | Via Facebook

Day at Forest Acres.
Jo Schwartz | Via Facebook

Day with my son and parents.
Dell Holton | Via Facebook

Reese’s peanut butter cup.
Steve Norden | Via Facebook

Day with my mom and dad.
Mirta Fara Iglesias | Via Facebook

Time to see my brother.
Justina Harris | Via Facebook

Day with my son Ricky.
Christine-Everett Seay | Via Facebook

Chocolate-covered cherry.
Shirley Robbins | Via Facebook

Piece of cheesecake.
Pablo Cabrera | Via Facebook

Sure. Pop the tab.
Jeff Gove | Via Facebook

One more Nestlé Chunky bar.
Geoffrey Deneen | Via Facebook

Day off work.
Tracie Thurston | Via Facebook

Ice cream.
Annette Nicholson | Via Facebook

Long walk on the beach.
Cynthia Seideman Tonn | Via Facebook

Day with my precious husband of 35 years. I miss you, Harry.
Sandi Burkett | Via Facebook