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For Electric Cooperative Members

Day Trips in South Texas: Barbecue Cook-Offs

If you want the best of the best, find a local cook-off near you

You could do a quick Google search of “Best barbecue in Texas” and come up with plenty of hot spots. But there’s nothing like the flavor of barbecue cooked in the spirit of competition! Local cook-offs-that’s where you’ll find the best of the best. We’re not sure if it’s the passion the cooks have for barbecue, the competition or just the camaraderie that follows; but if you want flavorful ribs, brisket and chicken, a cook-off is the place to go. And in South Texas, we cook up more than your typical barbecue. You can expect to see chili, carne guisada, beans and even pan de campo.

What do you get when you mix Medina EC and barbecue? High Voltage Grillers.

Powering the lives of our members is just one facet of our employees. When not working for our members, you can find many of our Rio Grande City employees near a pit, maintaining their winning cooking titles. Known as the High Voltage Grillers in Starr County, this team can cook up something worth sharing! Their awards include:

First Place: Fajitas and Beans
Second Place: Pan de Campo
Third Place: Carne Guisada

The High Voltage Grillers are made up of Raul Portillo, Ricky Garza, Gabriel Perez, Eric Hinojosa, Eduardo Chapa, Jorge Zapata, Luis Hinojosa and Israel Bazan.

Unfortunately you can’t sample their food by reading the magazine. You’ll have to find them at one of the many cook-offs in Starr County.

Cook-Off Checklist 

Prepping & Cooking
Good wood
Newspaper or other fire starter
Lighter fluid
Tin foil
Latex gloves
Paper towels
Bleach spray
Fire extinguisher
Ash pit

Winning Ingredients
Secret seasonings
Secret ingredients
Secret recipes

Cookware & Utensils
Barbecue pit
Pots and pans
Dutch oven
Cutting board(s)

Water dispenser jug with clean water
Dish soap
Sleeping bag
Drinks of choice
Extra energy for the late nights and early morning required by cooking

Get your checklist and find a local cook-off! There are plenty throughout Medina EC’s service area, year round. The following are just a few competitions at various times of the year:

Atascosa County
Christine VFD Cook-Off & Team Roping

Medina County
Scott Muennink Memorial Throwdown Golf & Cook-Off (Hondo)
D’Hanis Lions Club Cook-Off
Castroville 4th of July Cook-Off

LaSalle County
Wild Hog Festival & Cook-Off (Cotulla)

Uvalde County
Wild Hog Festival and Cook-Off (Sabinal)
Frio Festivals and Cook-Offs (ConCan)

Starr County
Starr County Fair (Rio Grande City)
Cactus Country Festival (El Sauz)