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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
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Educating Our Youngest Consumer-Members

Sam Houston EC programs engage our community

Education, Training and Information is one of the Seven Cooperative Principles. This means it is a core value of Sam Houston Electric Cooperative—and cooperatives worldwide.

While your Cooperative spends a great deal of time educating our employees and directors about safety, key trends and our industry, Co-op staff also provide education to our consumer-members, even our youngest community members.

Each year, Sam Houston EC employees visit schools and local groups to share information about the Cooperative and topics that interest our members. From safety to electric vehicles and energy efficiency, employees provide education to many East Texas youths.

This spring, employees visited career days in Woodville, Cleve-land and Coldspring to inform students about the careers available at Sam Houston EC. The communications department visited with first- through fifth-graders at Big Sandy Independent School District’s summer enrichment program to discuss how electricity is generated and distributed and how to stay safe around this important resource.

“It’s a joy to speak with local students,” said Rachel Frey, manager of communications. “It’s fun to share our passion for electricity with them and help them realize how they can help their families save electricity each day.”

Livingston lineman Darren Marceaux gave a bucket truck demonstration to students at Southside Elementary School in Cleveland on April 1. Robert Lantrip, not pictured, spoke to students about lineworker tools before the demonstration.

A Woodville High School student uses high-voltage lineworker gloves to place a nut on a bolt during a career day March 24. Woodville linemen Eli Dinger, center, and Jeff Johnston answered questions from students and staff about line work.

Mike Beumel, energy audit technician, gave an electrical safety presentation to students of San Jacinto County on May 19 in Coldspring. He discussed electrical safety for utility workers and consumer-members.