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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
Trinity Valley EC News

Feast of Blessing

Message From General Manager/CEO Jeff Lane

Later this month, folks will sit down at dinner tables with family and friends for their annual Thanksgiving Day feast (followed by the traditional post-dinner nap and football games).

But Thanksgiving isn’t just about full bellies and full kitchens. It’s also a time we set aside for reflecting, counting our blessings and enjoying the company of our loved ones.

Speaking for myself, the blessings are many, including the fact that I am privileged to work for an electric cooperative.

As General Manager/CEO at Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative, I am thankful for members like you who support the mission of this cooperative: not just the provision of reliable electricity at a reasonable rate—no small task in itself—but also to be a strong presence in sustaining the communities we serve. Your participation in co-op meetings, elections and activities enables TVEC to be a vital community partner, one that can be counted on to support volunteer fire departments, food banks, scholarships and other mainstays of a healthy community.

I am thankful for our directors, those civic-minded members who give of their time and talents to represent your interests as we set policies and plan for our future. With each passing year, as financial and regulatory challenges mount, your board members must stay abreast of the factors that influence the efficient and cost-effective delivery of electricity to your home.

I am thankful for TVEC’s employees, who day in and day out demonstrate dedication and professionalism in performing their duties. Electric cooperatives seem to attract and retain people who commit to making their living in an environment where service comes first.

And last—but certainly not least—I am thankful for my understanding family, who sometimes has to share me with my job. They know that in a crisis, the phone may ring in the middle of the night, calling me away to work. And that sometimes my duties include time away on business. With their support and love, my job and my life are much easier.

I hope that this Thanksgiving, you also have plenty for which to give thanks. May you and your loved ones have a happy, healthy and blessed holiday.