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Photo Contest

Focus on Texas: All Wet

Grab a towel and soak up every one of these reader pics

Splish, splash, Texans love a good rain. And come hell or high water, someone’s sure to take a dip. Take the plunge and see for yourself if these hold water.

boy in wading pool

Deana Lawson, Heart of Texas EC: “Our son Liam playing in the pool with Daddy one hot summer day.”

Mark Holly, Bandera EC: Horses enjoy a pond in a field of bluebonnets.

Tammy Lee, Houston County EC: “Bathing bovines.”

Erika Ordog, Bryan Texas Utilities: Raindrops.

John Baker, Bluebonnet EC: “A bluebird taking advantage of the birdbath on a hot day in May.”

Richard Reeves, Jasper-Newton EC: Black-tailed red sheetweaver.

Paul Lauder, Farmers EC: “Cruising in a vintage 1960s automobile-boat.”

James Dozier, Trinity Valley EC: “Jake loves to swim.”

Amanda Bentley, Tri-County EC: Fido.

Mary Scott Daniel, Wise EC: “My grandson took this photo of his faithful Jake while exploring our fields during spring rains.”

Patti Schobey, Victoria EC: “Petting my wild pet turtle, Alfred, while he’s kissing the catfish.”

Melinda Brown, Bluebonnet EC: “Who’s boss?”

Veronica Seaton, CECA: “My husband, Jeff, and our Pomeranian, Rocco the Pool Boy, showing off the catch of the day.”

Shauna Seiler, Jackson EC: “A calm bay, a big boat and one of a few fat redfish. My boys limited out within two hours and had a great time.”

Melinda Brown, Bluebonnet EC: “Morning rain in the pasture.”