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Focus on Texas: Deserts

These landscapes, seemingly barren and monochromatic, come alive in the lenses of our readers

Texas settlers have for millennia braved the harsh terrain of the Chihuahuan Desert. It’s the kind of place where you shake out your boots before wearing them and look twice before stepping (or sitting). Enjoy the terrain where yucca, creosote, mesquite, agave and ocotillo dot the landscape and mountains loom in the distance.

Kay Bell, Nueces EC: “The century plant, havard agave, grows in the higher elevations of the Chihuahuan Desert in the Big Bend.”

J. Reagan Ferguson, Central Texas EC: “Enjoying a peaceful sunset in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.”

Matthew Crotwell, Guadalupe Valley EC: “Nighthawk awaiting dusk for feeding time.”

Mike Prestigiacomo, Bartlett EC: “Once upon a time—a tree.”

Web Extra: Matthew Crotwell, Guadalupe Valley EC: Silhouetted birds on a thornbush at sunset.

Web Extra: Rick Roberson, United Cooperative Services: “Clouds momentarily obscure the setting sun on this particular summer afternoon near Marathon.”

Web Extra: Kay Bell, Nueces EC: “Apache plumes grow in the rocky soil along Blue Creek in the Chihuahuan Desert of Texas in Big Bend National Park.”

Web Extra: Matthew Crotwell, Guadalupe EC: “Courting pair of green jays share kisses in the noonday shade.”

Web Extra: Kay Bell, Nueces EC: The Chisos Mountains in the Big Bend.

Web Extra: Bobby Norris, Pedernales EC: “Cholla cactus blooming in the Big Bend desert.”

Web Extra: Kay Bell, Nueces EC: “These purple prickly pears get a deeper color of purple when desert conditions are drier.”

Web Extra: Boyd Dreyer, Pedernales EC: “Fort Davis National Historic Site, Davis Mountains, Chihuahuan Desert.”

Web Extra: Chris Ohr, Tri-County EC: “Texas thistle.”

Web Extra: Angie Birmingham, Nueces EC: “Taken in Big Bend National Park. Prickly pear blooming looks like a rose.”