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Photo Contest

Focus on Texas:
Feathered Friends

A little bird tells us you won’t want to miss these pics from Co-op Country

We’re not ones to get our feathers ruffled, but we’ve been surprised by how many entries flew in from all over Texas.

Pamela Slaughter, Fannin County EC: Granddaughter Rachel loves her chickens but has taken a special liking to this hard-to-catch banty rooster.

Mark Chapman, Heart of Texas EC: “I located a mated pair of barred owls in a heavily wooded creek and watched for several hours before capturing this image.”

Ross Hines, Grayson-Collin EC: “The February 2021 winter storm brought purple finches to my feeder.”

Sonya Coffey, Cherokee County EC: “Three-of-a-kind pet roosters enjoy a snack.”

Paul Garcia, Medina EC: “Man, this was exciting to capture. I set up my birdhouse in my backyard, and in the spring I noticed that there was a nest being built. So for the next few weeks I kept watch, and then I noticed a few little heads poking out waiting to be fed.”

Zoe Innocenti, Guadalupe Valley EC: Flamingo at the Texas State Aquarium.

Paul Lauder, Farmers EC: “This mature bald eagle gets ready to go fishing.”

Emmanuel Marquez, Magic Valley EC: “As a kettle of broad-winged hawks swirled right overhead during their migration through South Texas, I noticed the moon was still out and in the same direction of their flight pattern. I waited patiently until finally a hawk floated near the moon with its wings spread. The opportunity was given, and I am thankful.”

Chris Miller, Bluebonnet EC: “This greater roadrunner sat on our back fence for about five minutes, preening himself. I caught this photo as he was just about to jump down and continue his look for lizards.”

Charles Carlson, Bandera EC: “This ringed kingfisher was perched in a cypress tree over Cold Springs Creek next to the Frio River near Rio Frio.”

Charles Baxter, CoServ: “A male mallard flies near a pond in Argyle.”

Walter King, Pedernales EC: Male northern cardinal.

Joseph Mandy, Pedernales EC: “During last year’s winter storm, this yellow-rumped warbler landed in our backyard to get some food. Even though the wind was blowing pretty hard, balancing on one leg looked like an easy task.”

Barry Noret, Pedernales EC: “Male painted bunting on a wire in Devine Lake Park, Leander.”

Danny Pickens, Cherokee County EC: “This Carolina chickadee shows off his beautiful feathers in a full-spread approach to a feeder.”

Ashley Zimmerman, Trinity Valley EC: “This pair of Baltimore orioles came through during the spring migration.”

Ron Stinson, Tri-County EC: “American kestrel, scouring a pasture for food.”

Cathy Arvesen, Pedernales EC: “Perry was a beautiful peacock, just like a little dinosaur.”

Chad Prahl, CoServ: “While backyard bird-watching in McKinney, this cedar waxwing found a snack.”