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Focus on Texas: Jailhouses

It would be a crime if you didn’t check out our online slideshow

Hole, slammer, clink, pen, joint, lockup, calaboose … whatever you call it, it’s no place you’d want to be, especially in the old days. Check out these arresting photos of old jails around the state.

Lisa Griffis, Mid-South Synergy: An old jail in Leon County, now in restoration

Buddy Park, Pedernales EC: The original jailhouse of Flatonia, dating to 1890

Charlie Preslar, Comanche EC: The Old Jail Museum was Gonzales’ jailhouse, which had gallows in full view of the prisoners.

Ramon San Luis, Pedernales EC: Abandoned Kent County Jail in Clairemont, built in 1895

Web Extra: Lori Sanders, Sam Houston EC: Old Jail Museum in Gonzales

Web Extra: Kevin Whitley, Lamar Electric: “This is the calaboose in downtown Deport, Lamar County.”

Web Extra: Rick Roberson, United Cooperative Services: “Completed in 1903, the Brown County Jail was designed to reflect the security of an ancient fortress and is one of the best remaining examples of this type of design in Texas.”

Web Extra: Jeffrey Schultz, Fayette EC: The old jail in La Grange

Web Extra: Laura Ellison, Guadalupe Valley EC: Stockdale holds one of the smallest jails in Texas.

Web Extra: Ruth Fields, Mid-South Synergy: “This two-cell jail was constructed in 1855 to house prisoners in Montgomery, one of the oldest towns in Texas. It is now on display in front of Montgomery’s community center.”

Web Extra: Elizabeth Fox, Pedernales EC: The old Williamson County jail in Georgetown was constructed around 1888.

Web Extra: Nancy Stuart, Pedernales EC: “Joaquin Stuart, my grandson, is spending some time in the Buffalo Gulch jail at Hideaway Ranch and Retreat in Glen Rose. I told him it was time out or jail. Five-year-olds just don’t listen!”

Web Extra: Carmen Sutton, Southwest Texas EC: Crockett County Jail in Ozona