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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Mr. Safety

Danny Williams and his son, Gordon, used to come to Concho Valley Electric Cooperative for safety meetings. If you didn’t learn something from Danny, you weren’t listening [‘The Retirement of a Legend’, March 2024].

Tommy Earnest, Concho Valley EC | San Angelo


Pier Placement

Buoyed by Vice [March 2024] stated that the Balinese Room “sat atop a pier that jutted into the bay.” I thought it was on the seawall, jutting out over the Gulf of Mexico.

John Eaves, Pedernales EC | Leander

Editor’s note: You’re correct. We have fixed the story online.


colorful 60s pop-art illustration of a girl riding a swiftly-galloping horse across the countryside

Kate Gleyzer

Katy’s Spunk

Gordon Jennings was my husband’s great-great-grandfather [A Revere of Our Own, March 2024]. I am writing the story of our family history for our eight grandchildren, and one of them is named Katy. I believe she has as much spunk as the first Katy Jennings!

Judy Jennings, Wise EC | Paradise



Vintage Puzzles

My grandfather made quite a few wooden puzzles in the 1920s and ’30s and apparently sold them, as some have labels from Vincil Novelty Co. [Puzzling Times, February 2024]. My brothers, all my cousins and I still have many of them.

Dorothee Johnson, Grayson-Collin EC | Whitesboro


Adorable Donkeys

As a former longtime breeder, trainer and exhibitor of donkeys, it warms my heart whenever something positive is written about these wonderful animals [Touched by an Angel, January 2024].

The story of Angel riding on a float during a Christmas parade was priceless.

Sandra Osborne Neeley, United Cooperative Services | Grandview