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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

The Favorite

I pay for some magazines, but my very favorite one is yours. Great publication.

Nona Gardner, Deep East Texas EC | Garrison


Art and puzzles fit together perfectly for Ericka Chambers and William Jones.

Dave Shafer

Pieces of Art

We became a fan of Puzzles of Color after meeting them at the Texas State Fair and absolutely loved the artwork of the woman playing bass [Puzzling Times, February 2024]. I made a custom frame for it, and it hangs in our guest bedroom.

Peter Hill, Pedernales EC | Austin


Shamrock Memories

Glenn McCarthy’s two daughters were at Lamar High School when I was [The Green Carpet, January 2024]. The Cork Club was opened on Sunday afternoons for teens to come, dance to a small orchestra and have nonalcoholic drinks.

In 1952, my date and I went with another couple. The featured singer for the week came to entertain us—Tony Bennett. Hearing I Left My Heart in San Francisco always reminds me of that very special afternoon.

Betty Akin Morris, Pedernales EC | Canyon Lake


Fun modern illustration of wildlife at Mineola Nature Preserve

The wild wonders of the Mineola Nature Preserve.

David Moore

The Reality of Gators

We don’t always have a resident gator at Magnolia Beach, but most times there’s one or two [Later, Gators?, February 2024].

My son and I were fishing when two teens were swimming nearby. I casually asked if they were watching for gators. “What gators?” came back sarcastically.

“The one with his nostrils and eyes sticking up under the walking bridge behind you,” I replied.

I swear they walked on water getting to the bank.

Jim Evans, Victoria EC | Port Lavaca


The Real Bowie?

Yes, Jim Bowie’s knife was quite a sensation, and I’m glad you cast some doubt as to his actions at the Alamo, but it might be worth mentioning a bit more of his biography [A Cut Above, February 2024].

He was a slave owner, slave trader, smuggler and an associate of pirates. He also was a land speculator with a suspicious reputation.

Georgia Xydes, Pedernales EC | Austin