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For Electric Cooperative Members
Photo Contest

Focus on Texas:
Light and Shadow

Be enlightened by magical camera work in Co-op Country

Out of the shadows and ready to shine, these photos are downright illuminating. Don’t get left in the dark—join us as we cast a spotlight on Texas beauty.

John Hobbs, Bryan Texas Utilities: Yuccas at White Sands National Park.

Paul Garcia, Medina EC: The Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio features historic reenactors in full period dress.

Berny Duke, Wood County EC: Sunflower in a Grand Saline garden.

Cameron Fox, United Cooperative Services: “You can’t take the country out of a Texas girl raising her livestock.”

Michelle O’Brien, Sam Houston EC: “A stroll on the moonlit beach.”

Minna Love, Pedernales EC: “This cutie was just sassing by and enjoying the sunshine on one fine Texas day.”

Mitzi Ames, United Cooperative Services: “Taken at Holland Lake Park cabin in Weatherford.”

Elizabeth Hodges, Central Texas EC: “A lovely evening when we enjoyed fireworks on Lake Buchanan.”

Sharon Carter, Pedernales EC: “My kitten plays with a ray of sunshine in our Wimberley home.”

Paige Humphrey, MidSouth EC: “You know those crisp autumn mornings when there’s a blanket of fog covering everything … yet you can see the mist dancing around you? It’s like we step into a whole other world and see things we’d normally walk right by. Like this little spiderweb carefully woven around the top of this grass.”

Shelly Borgfeld Fitzpatrick, Pedernales EC: “Formerly a feed supply, now a Cibolo hot spot—Ernie’s.”

Chad Warden, Bryan Texas Utilities: Taken at the Whiskey Bridge, where state Highway 21 crosses the Brazos River. Shot over a period of two and a half hours, the camera was angled to frame the North Star and show the path all the stars appear to take around it every night.

Angie Birmingham, Nueces EC: This bridge in Kingsland is typically covered with bluebonnets but not this year due to the drought.

Charles Yoes, Pedernales EC: The single night bloom of a small barrel cactus lit by a flash looks internally illuminated.

Julie May, Houston County EC: The foamy bubbles of the tide that deposited this Portuguese man-of-war onto the Galveston beach offered some very unique and unexpected reflections of the photographer and her husband.

Tab Sierra, South Plains EC: “Deer graze in a field next to an irrigation system.”