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Photo Contest

Focus on Texas: Opposites

We’re not saying opposites attract, but this photo contest sure attracted stunning shots by our readers

We find birds of a feather don’t always flock together, but these opposites sure attract attention.

Wyatt Watson, Grayson-Collin EC: “Though these two birds are enemies, they don’t mind sharing opposite sides of the feeder.”

Chris Miller, Bluebonnet EC: Saddling up has multiple meanings at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Craig Sangrey, Bluebonnet EC: Old becomes new.

Elaine and David Wilson, Pedernales EC: Male and female wood ducks at Landa Park in New Braunfels

Web Extra: Chris Miller, Bluebonnet EC: “Loved the contrast of the color pink with the neutral tones of the tan felt and the straw hats.”

Web Extra: Cheryl Brossmann, Fayette EC: “April Brossmann with her final FFA show pig, Truvy”

Web Extra: Chris Miller, Bluebonnet EC: “There is a great little air museum in Addison, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. I shot this photo in one of the many hangars they have there.”

Web Extra: J. Meier, Bluebonnet EC: “These girls are the best of friends, but there’s at least one thing they can’t agree on!”

Web Extra: Mary Rox, Pedernales EC: “We had gone to Pidcoke Cemetery to see my pappaw’s grave, and I took some pictures. When I got home and looked through the pictures, this one of my almost 2-year-old daughter running in the background moved me.”

Web Extra: Loida Stephenson, Pedernales EC: The black and white stripes of these zebras in Coryell County remind Stephenson that opposites can be beautiful.

Web Extra: Carolyn Parratt, Guadalupe Valley EC: “Bumblebee flying toward the pollen of the althea flower”

Web Extra: Raymond Testa, Farmers EC: “Speak about opposites! Massive cow meets this startled but curious red-tailed hawk in a pasture in Royse City.”

Web Extra: Chris Miller, Bluebonnet EC: Photographed in Luckenbach (population 3), a plate from New York (population 19.8 million)

Web Extra: Leoria Moore, Pedernales EC: Two Dachshunds, one long-haired and one short, decide what trouble to get into first.