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Helping Hands—With Snacks

Swisher EC employees help make sure food-insecure students in Tulia have snacks for the weekend

Swisher Electric Cooperative employees recently gathered after work in an elementary school cafeteria in Tulia to prepare bags of food for the Snack Pak 4 Kids program.

Snack Pak 4 Kids benefits Tulia elementary school students who are identified by their teachers as food-insecure and in need of snacks for the weekend.

Swisher EC employees were happy to prepare Snack Paks last fall. “I’m so proud of the co-op and the willingness of its employees to pitch in and help prepare sacks for these children,” says Sharon Thompson, Swisher EC’s manager of member services and one of the volunteers. “I live in a wonderful, caring, helpful community. When a need is identified, my community works to find a solution.”

Every Friday of the school year, these students find a Snack Pak discreetly placed in their lockers to be taken home after school. Each bag contains juice boxes, milk, fruit pouches or cups, cereal bars, cereal boxes, crackers, beef sticks and peanuts.