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Honoring Dedication

Holly Gunter retires from Medina Electric Cooperative

Reflecting on a career spanning nearly four decades, Holly Gunter reminisces about her journey with Medina Electric Cooperative that began with her role as a utility clerk in October 1985. In those early days, the landscape of work was vastly different—manual processes ruled the day. Payment stubs were meticulously filed numerically, meter data painstakingly recorded by hand and job tickets inscribed on carbon pads. Each task required a laborious manual effort, from retrieving information on billing registers to storing data on the mainframe computer.

“The changes since then are astounding,” Gunter said, reflecting on the seismic shift toward digitalization and automation that has revolutionized the cooperative’s operations. “I never imagined we’d be managing electric accounts digitally, let alone from the palm of our hands!”

Adapting to this technological evolution became critical of Gunter’s career as she transitioned through various roles, concluding in her tenure as manager of member services upon her retirement in March. From her humble beginnings as a utility clerk to her leadership of a 16-person member services department, Gunter attributes her success to years of dedication and the invaluable mentorship of her colleagues.

“I learned a lot from working with the older generation in the beginning of my career—a lot more about life and work from those early mentors than any amount of schooling I could have received,” she said.

Among her proudest achievements is the successful internal conversion of software for cooperative data, workflows and billing—a project that demanded perseverance and collaboration. “It wasn’t an easy transition, but working alongside a team committed to improvement made it truly rewarding,” Gunter said. “I’m proud to have been part of that collective effort.”

Another significant milestone in Gunter’s career was her service on the Texas Rural Electric Women’s Association board, where she represented Medina Electric Cooperative and held the position of president for two years. Through this role, she contributed to TREWA’s mission of educating and fostering interest in the rural electric cooperative systems and issues, among both its members and the broader public. By presenting a unified front for member-owned electric cooperatives, TREWA played a vital role in enhancing the quality of life in rural Texas—an endeavor that Gunter was proud to support and advance during her tenure.

A successful career does not come easy. Gunter credits her success to her self-motivation guided by the principles laid out in Colossians 3:23—“Whatever you do, work at it with your heart as working for the Lord, not for men.”

Looking ahead to retirement, Gunter’s plans are filled with family and adventure: “Spending time with my children and grandchildren and exploring the great outdoors with my husband are high on my list. Whether by a river, lake or coast, I’ll be surrounded by the ones I love.”

With Gunter’s transition into retirement, the cooperative will face some transitions as well. Gunter hopes to have instilled a sense of empowerment and knowledge in her colleagues. “I hope I’ve empowered my coworkers to thrive independently and continue growing in their roles,” Gunter said. “Above all, I want them to know how much they mean to me and how invested I am in their success.”

For those following in her footsteps, Gunter offers sage advice: “Stay focused, be self-motivated and seek solutions to challenges. But also, relish in the joy of your work. We’re a family here, and the impact we have on others should bring fulfillment. Approach each day with the goal of brightening someone’s day and lending a helping hand.”

As Gunter bids farewell to her distinguished career, her history of adaptability, resilience and camaraderie will leave a lasting impact upon Medina Electric Cooperative.