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For Electric Cooperative Members
Finish This Sentence

I Can’t Believe I Bought …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

Here’s how our readers finished that sentence. The first four responses appeared in the magazine. The rest are web extras.

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A 2020 planner.
Janice Schwab

My daughter’s story about the dent in the car.
Janet Mosley

Toilet paper for Christmas presents.
Donalie Beltran, May | CECA

A Super Bowl XII Cowboys-Broncos ticket for $32.
Craig Massouh, Sattler | Pedernales EC

Stocks using my patented investment method called the “Red Algorithm”—buy high and sell low, the quickest way to poverty.
Red Rickard, Jewett | Navasota Valley EC

Oceanfront property in Arizona.
Beth Tircuit, Bonham | Fannin County EC

More flip-flops.
Virginia Tucker, Francitas | Jackson EC

Three pairs of the same shoes on three different trips. I must really like that shoe.
Linda Eaton, Lorena | Heart of Texas EC

Dog pens for every growth stage.
Leta Massey

Another horse.
Sally Walsh

More fabric.
Janna York Wood

A (fill in the blank) membership.
Jo Ann Burk Peterson

My last box of Post Grape-Nuts Flakes.
Carol Whitaker Brown, Decatur | Wise EC

A Dodge car.
William Allred

A sno-cone when it was 106 degrees.
Barbara Pearson, Decatur | Wise EC

A Hill Country home.
Ronald Guillory, Bandera | Bandera EC

A house for the pecan tree in the yard.
Brenda Altenhofen, Eureka | Navarro County EC

A used ’67 Mercury Capri. Worst vehicle deal in my lifetime.
Randy Welborn

A Big Mouth Billy Bass wall mount that sings Take Me to the River years ago. (Not for me, it was a gift.)
Katie McLemore, Howardwick | Greenbelt EC

Another pair of boots.
Shelli Conway, Anna | Grayson-Collin EC

A historic mansion in ruins.
Robin Broughton Muschalek, La Vernia | Guadalupe Valley EC

A limousine and have nothing to chauffeur it.
Russell Powell

So many shoes when I only have two feet.
Janeth Rankin, Plantersville | San Bernard EC

Water in a bottle.
Kathleen Richardson, Leander | Pedernales EC

Yet another driveway alarm. Why, oh why? They go off when the wind blows or a leaf drifts by.
Lisa Flowerree Bigon

Too many grocery items the first time I went to the grocery store after I married. I cried when my husband asked if I had enough money left to pay our rent.
Judy Bush, Port Lavaca | Victoria EC

A 10-acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country, off of a flyer I found in the street in Houston. Craziest and best thing I ever did.
Christine Lorence, Lampasas | Pedernales EC

My husband always wanted a John Deere hit-and-miss engine. He retired recently, so I bought him an Amish 5-gallon ice cream maker powered by the old John Deere engine as a retirement gift.
Linda Zeiter, New Home | Lyntegar EC

Another blouse; I already have three red ones.
Lilo Mondin

A washer that is smarter than my computer.
Corey Jacob, Dripping Springs | Pedernales EC

A Nehru jacket.
Terry Northup, Buchanan Dam | Central Texas EC

Twenty-four cloth face masks online so I could share them with co-workers.
Angela Solis, Dripping Springs | Pedernales EC

The idea that 2020 would be a perfect vision.
LeAnn Holt, Allen | Grayson-Collin EC

Enron stock.
Stephen Koenig, San Marcos | Pedernales EC

A Buick Apollo instead of fixing up my ’57 Chevy.
Robert Moran, San Benito | Magic Valley EC

A brand-new house without telling my husband until after I signed the contract and put up a down payment.
Babette Baker, Fort Worth | Tri-County EC

A cord of wood. Hurricane Laura left me a lot of trees. Now I have to cut it up and won’t have to buy wood for a few years.
Katrina Antu | Deep East Texas EC

Those Lucchese boots that I’ve been hankerin’ after for all these years, and I drove all the way to El Paso to try them on.
Gene Harrison, Paige | Bluebonnet EC

Fifty-six cases of Zima beer last year when Coors released it for only one month.
Tamie Hayes, Bells | Grayson-Collin EC

An ancient Chinese throne screen.
John Busch, Fort Worth | United Cooperative Services

Fifteen chicks at the local feed store, and 10 of them turned out to be roosters.
Andy Vinson, Henderson | Rusk County EC

A gallon of gasoline for 18.9 cents.
Terry Coleman, Corrigan | Sam Houston EC

A smoked brisket from the grocery store.
Holly Middleton, Alto | Cherokee County EC