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Finish This Sentence

I’m Most Thankful for …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

Here’s how our readers finished that sentence. The first three responses appeared in the magazine. The rest are Web Extras.

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My beloved brother, Rob, who, 31 years ago in December, donated his bone marrow to me and saved my life.
Anne Sweet, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

The little bitty space where my pets let me sleep in my own bed.
Sue Caldwell, Bandera EC | Pipe Creek

My health, friends and warm home tonight.
Mattie Woodfin Borders

Being able to tell my mimi “I love you” and “goodbye.” I almost always depart with “see you later.” She passed peacefully five hours later.
LeAnn M. Holt, Grayson-Collin EC | Allen

Family, good health and a warm, dry house to come home to.
Cheryl Burrer Price

Being born in the USA.
Terry Woodworth, Sam Houston EC | Livingston

Shelter, electricity, water and technology so I can communicate with friends and family.
Sherry York

Ron Sherman, Magic Valley EC | Gunter

My caring family and friends.
Judy Pickel

Summers up north.
Caryl Zimmerman, Central Texas EC | Kingsland

The good health of my family.
Linda Taylor Salitros

Family and continued health for everyone.
Bertha Gonzalez, Guadalupe Valley EC | Marion

My health.
Peggy Dawley

Being an American and enjoying all the freedoms it affords.
Sally Parkinson, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

Connie Mickey Ferrell

My 10 brothers and sisters. We have always gotten along. We are between the ages of 60 and 80. We don’t all have the same political views, so we just keep our views to ourselves to keep peace in the family.
Doris Cash, Sam Houston EC | Point Blank

My wonderful family. And, because this is Texas, air conditioning.
Mary Hudson Reeves

Another holiday season.
Helen Woytovech, Nueces EC | Corpus Christi

My resilience.
Cydnee White

What I have and what I don’t have.
Kathy Boydston, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs

Good health.
Mack Butler

My Texas ancestors because I am a seventh-generation proud Texan.
Gayle Smith, CECA | Mullin

All my grandkids and the time I get to spend with them.
Catherine Klotz

Particularly in this time of strife in our country’s history, I am so grateful for God’s peace, provision and assurances.
Diane Brady, Nueces EC | Ingleside

God’s love.
Ray Ramirez

My hardworking husband and having the opportunity to be a mother to two precious boys.
Emily Black, MidSouth EC | Montgomery

That God made me a Texan.
Ross Schumann, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs

That my son moved to Texas and lives right next door.
Linda Eaton

The blessings and benefits my family receives on a daily basis.
Mike Duster, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

Another day.
Joan Stapleton Matzonkai

Living in the best darned state in the whole United States of America—Texas.
Imelda Cantu, Magic Valley EC | Alton

Our good health.
Pattie Sears

Living in America, with our guaranteed rights.
JC Pickel, San Bernard EC | Magnolia

My family.
Nancy Hadley

“Living big” in Texas with family and friends.
Sandra Zwick, Pedernales EC | San Marcos

My family.
Nita Westmoreland, United Cooperative Services | Meridian

Retaining a sense of humor and proportion.
Brian Blann

My first grandchild, precious Thomas, who was born this year.
Tamie Chappell, San Bernard EC | Hempstead

Life and my family in good health.
Lynne Reese

Ann Turner Hurt

My family, because it’s the only thing I need.
Luis Alonso Hernandez Garcia

Glenda James

God, family and country.
Darla Widener Trantham

Love of family and friends. Even though we’ve been separated by the virus, we are together in heart.
Sherry Davidson

God, country, family, friends and electricity.
Mary Currie

Ivan Line

Family, friends and health.
Sabin Muir Nelson

The little fixer-upper we bought this year. She’s a work in progress, unloved in the past, but she’ll be back.
Frances Shepherd

My salvation.
Dell Stevens

My life.
Debra Elizondo

Nancy Hogan

Another day on this earth with all my loved ones.
Fanny Bragg Vidrine

Meeting Mildred after 60 years.
Allen Matthys

Family and friends.
Joanie Cleveland Chapman

My life.
Marty Ojeda