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For Electric Cooperative Members
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MidSouth Brings 10,000th Subscriber Online

MidSouth Fiber reaches milestone

MidSouth Fiber Internet continues the cooperative’s mission to provide its members with vital services and is celebrating its 10,000th internet subscriber. The addition of the internet subsidiary bridges the digital divide, giving every MidSouth Electric Cooperative member access to high-speed internet.

Fast, dependable internet is more of a necessity than a luxury these days. Members across our service territory, especially those in rural and more secluded areas, needed a more dependable internet provider—and we decided to deliver.

The Fiber to the Home project, announced in late 2019, promised anyone on existing MidSouth EC electric lines access to high-speed internet. By June 2020, MidSouth Fiber Internet brought its first subscriber online.

Despite challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, construction progressed at an unprecedented rate. By June 2022—just two years into the five-year construction plan—we announced the opening of our last service area, enabling every home and business on MidSouth EC electric infrastructure to sign up for service.

Fast forward a few short months later, and MidSouth Fiber Internet reached 10,000 active subscribers and has no intention of slowing down. As more families and businesses move into the service territory, we will continue to construct infrastructure needed to provide our membership with high-speed internet.

MidSouth Fiber offers multiple advantages compared to larger corporate internet providers. With more than 80 years of local utility experience, we believe consistency and reliability are the expectation.

We take pride in our ability to maintain fiber-optic lines and provide service that subscribers can count on. Those who choose MidSouth as their internet provider experience fewer outages and faster response times than those with other companies. And you won’t find data caps, installation fees, contracts or sneaky fine print on our bills. Our focus on quality, easy-to-understand service further exemplifies our commitment to subscribers.

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