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Web Extras

November 2021 Web Extras

Find exclusive online content from this issue

Several stories in the November magazine feature Web Extras, with additional information and photos available online. Here are links to stories where you’ll find web-exclusive content marked Web Extra.

The Sweetest Sound in the World Is …
“The coo of the mourning dove.” Yeah, that’s cool—as so many of the responses were.

The Alchemy of Egg Whites
Once again our website rises to the occasion. Check out tips for a perfect meringue; learn about varieties of the fluffy topping; and don’t put off making Grandma’s Chocolate Meringue Pie.

Safe Passage
The Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge is definitely worth a second look—through a slideshow of a key link in San Antonio’s wildlife conservation strategy.

A West Texas Gem
Chet catches a glimpse of Texas’ frontier days on the streets of downtown San Angelo.

Focus on Texas: Funny Signs
Some signs just spell things out in a perfectly amusing way. Take a look.