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Letters and comments from our readers

Oh, Those Cattalo

It was also Charles Goodnight who created the cattalo breed on his Texas Panhandle ranch [Bison at the Brink, October 2022].

Bill Lamza, San Bernard EC | Hempstead


I was “buffaloed” by Bison at the Brink. I’m proud to know a Texan was responsible for saving buffalo from extinction in the U.S., but I was stunned the credit was repeatedly given to Charles Goodnight, even though the writer casually acknowledges that his “herd had been gathered and nurtured by his wife, Mary Ann Goodnight, who personally saw to it that the orphans found wandering the ranch were saved and protected.”

That’s the only time her name appeared. It’s a shame we can’t give credit where credit is due.

Susan Rosenberger, Pedernales EC | Spicewood and Johnson City


Napkin Intuition

A similar story is told about how George Mitchell’s epiphany for the Woodlands came about [Good on Paper, September 2022].

Melinda Wood Sasarak | Via Facebook


Cave explorer Bill Steele.

Erich Schlegel

The Bottom Line

Eric Schlegel’s excellent photo captured a live look at the thrill and excitement of an uncharted cave explorer [Uncharted Territory, October 2022]. And Pam LeBlanc added intriguing coverage of the adventure.

Martha E. Jones, Victoria EC | Victoria


Colossal Cluster

In December 2005 we visited the monarchs’ nesting grounds at Sierra Chincua [Funnel Vision, October 2022]. Monarchs numbered in the millions—billions? Located at about 11,000 feet in elevation in a remote area of the Sierra Madre, they literally weighed down large pine tree boughs.

Wayne P. Blackley, Trinity Valley EC | Terrell