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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Tender Memory

My mom would make meatloaf, and once all the seasoning was mixed in, she and I would eat a tiny bite before she cooked it [A Raw Deal, December 2022].

Brooke Zucha | Via Facebook


I like a rare steak, but I’m not sure I could try this.

Janelle Overhouse | Via Facebook


The Wonder of Waylon

The Arable Twos [November 2022] was happy, positive, beautifully written and, for me, quite uplifting. I could picture Waylon doing all those things Martha Deeringer so perfectly described. It had me smiling the entire time.

Art Farias, Pedernales EC | Lampasas


We raised our two boys this way (in Ohio, not Texas), and I know this is how children become accomplished and confident men and women. Adults, no matter what job they hold, have the roots that built them strong from childhood.

The story is worded so profoundly that it brought tears to my eyes.

Jody Brown, Tri-County EC | Perrin


Wyatt Ford, left, and Fallon Clepper teamed up to win the 2022 High School Bass Fishing National Championship, making Clepper the first girl to do so.

Erich Schlegel

Fish Fanfare

Nowadays the accepted way to display a bass is to grip it by the lower jaw and allow it to hang perfectly vertical [Lakes’ Allure, November 2022]. Alternatively, you can grip the lower jaw and support it under the belly if you want to display it horizontally.

In either case, you do not want to twist the fish’s jaw to force it open, as the two anglers on Page 14 [above] seem to be doing.

Alan Buckner, CoServ | The Colony


These events have exploded in popularity in the past 8–10 years and offer a great experience for many kids who don’t play traditional sports. You mentioned a few of the organizations but left out the Southeast Texas High School Fishing Association.

Randy Hanna, Houston County EC | Zavalla



Under His Guidance

In 1980, Bill Steele took our coed Scout Explorer post and a few of us sponsors on a winter trip to Bustamante, Nuevo León, Mexico, to explore the caves there [Uncharted Territory, October 2022]. We learned so much and have many great memories of that trip.

Ed Palmer, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs