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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Hardest Job Ever

Picking cotton was the hardest job I’ve ever done [Prized Fibers, July 2022]. I did get to ride with my dad to the cotton gin, though—a real treat.

Judith Fontenot, Guadalupe Valley EC | New Braunfels


Bridge Gaps

Please note that some of the information is erroneous [Colorado’s Texas Bridge, July 2022]. Mike Bandera has not been the general manager since 2016. Also, the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park has been owned by Cañon City since 1906, when the federal government deeded the land to the city. The city has leased out the management of the bridge and park to a concessionaire, which just so happens to be based in Dallas.

Dona Webb, Cañon City, Colorado



Bringing History Alive

You have such a talent for bringing history alive [Doctor’s Orders, June 2022]. Love your amazing ability to find such interesting subjects and your writing.

Jo Day Coyle | Via Facebook


Juneteenth Coverage

I look forward to receiving my Texas Co-op Power each month. I was particularly anticipating the June issue because I knew there would be wonderfully educational articles about Juneteenth. I was extremely disappointed to see not even one article focused on this important occurrence in our Texas history.

Merelyn Johnson, Navasota Valley EC | Centerville